High Fives


Summer traffic and you’ve been stuck in the car for hours. The best way to unwind – literally – when you finally arrive is with a few stretches. If you’re Stacey Griffith, famed Master Soul Cycle instructor AND co-founder of the athletic apparel brand, LOVE & SPORTS, you make it into a mini workout too. All you need is a set of elastic bands.

Check out Stacey’s High Five feel good moves you can do anywhere to loosen up and energize after a long drive. Do each 5 times. Now you’re ready to rock the weekend!
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Turn Up The Heat On Your Workouts!


Hot Pilates, Hot HIIT, Hot Barre… While hot yoga has been popular for quite some time, other hot workouts have popped up on the fitness landscape. Many hot yoga studios have added these new classes to their schedules, finding that those who enjoy yoga in a heated room like other hot workouts as well. New state-of-the-art, infrared heated studios have also opened specifically designed for all kinds of hot classes.

Hot studio temperatures range from 90 to 108 degrees, with varying levels of humidity depending on whether they are heated with blown HVAC air or infrared heat. Among the benefits of the heat are increased flexibility, greater exertion, and higher calorie burn. Because of how much you sweat, hot classes are detoxifying for the body, and can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

But these same benefits can also be dangerous if one is not careful. Some of the risks of hot workouts, according to Maria Restrepo, CPT at FitDominium, are dehydration and overexertion that can cause dizziness, nausea, headache, and, in severe cases, heatstroke. It is critical to stay hydrated before, during, and after a hot fitness class. Participants need to be cautious and listen to their bodies, stopping or modifying exercises as needed. Read More


31 Days of Fitness 2023!



Happy New Year and welcome to 31 Days of Fitness 2023! We are back with another action-packed January of workouts, wellness, recovery, and more!

Every day this month your intrepid editor will be checking out a different workout for body and mind, showcasing the amazing variety of ways to get and stay in shape for the new year. We’re visiting the hottest boutique fitness studios, sampling the most popular apps, and trying different wellness and recovery treatments to keep us going all month! It’s a mix that’s got something for everyone!

And we want you to join! Many studios are giving special incentives to our readers. Check out the list below.*There are more special giveaways to come so be sure to follow along here and on Instagram @styleofsport! Ya gotta be in it to win it!


Kicking off the new year and 31 Days with a one-two punch! AARMY offers two “practices”, as classes are called there, Bootcamp and Cycle. I did them both this morning! While that’s a normal Sunday morning for the regulars at AARMY, it was the first time for me. Bootcamp has actually become a regular part of my fitness routine since last 31 Days of Fitness. What I love about it is that it’s really strength focused – very important for us women of a certain age to keep our bones strong – and I’ve written about how strong the women in particular are in this class: In The Aarmy. While it’s still a fast-paced circuit style, Aarmy co-founder Akin Akman has created a community that motivates each other to push beyond their perceived limits, inspired by their “teammates” in class. No matter your level or the amount you lift, there are always high-fives to go around after every set. Read More


Meditation On The Run


Photo by Larry Gloth

Whether you already meditate or want to get started, meditating while running is a different way to meditate and a different way to run. While running itself can be a meditative experience, when you combine it with a guided meditation it changes the experience. “Mindful running is the ability to run with a clear intention, fully connected in body and mind, free from distraction, and with an equal balance of focus and relaxation”, says Andy Puddicombe, co-founder of the popular meditation app Headspace.

At the core of meditation is the focus on staying present in the moment. The goal is to leave thoughts of the past behind and not get caught up in the future that has yet to happen. The breath is the tool that keeps you present by focusing on the rhythm of inhales and exhales — hard to ignore when running. Running can help you meditate and meditation can help you run. The two together can help make you better at both.

If you’re like most recreational runners, myself included, you run with music. Music gives you rhythm, energy, and motivation, but it’s also a distraction. It blocks out many sensations your body is feeling. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you turn the music off, running becomes a different experience. You take in the sights and sounds. You become aware of your inhales and exhales. You hear the sound of your breath. I discovered how loud that can be when I tried the Mindful Running with Lynne Goldberg on the Breethe meditation app, which on that particular run was more labored than I realized. Read More


In The AARMY Now



“I’m originally from Malaysia and moved here for grad school. I just graduated with an MBA in finance. I came here alone and the only person I knew in this whole country was my boyfriend (now fiancé). I thought no big deal, but it was during the pandemic when gyms were closed. Even school was online, so I didn’t have any friends. It was tough. I started coming to AARMY last May when they reopened, and began meeting people. I went from 1 practice a week to multiple times a day. Now I literally have a whole group of friends that I can’t imagine life without.”

–Shobana Prabakaran (bottom left), 26


For people who enjoy group fitness classes, the reason is usually more than the workout. It’s the group. Some call it a tribe. Others a cult. But it’s a community of like-minded individuals who have found the combination of workout and instructor they love that motivates them unlike any other. They are kindred spirits who come together to sweat together, to push their bodies beyond their expectations and perceived limits, beyond what they believe is possible when training on their own.

This shared fitness experience bonds people, builds friendships, and creates a special alchemy that is addictive — especially when endorphins are surging, and bodies start to transform. For Shobana Prabakaran, Anjali Shah, Mouna Kammoun, Katie Ambrosi, and Vera Papisova (bottom left to right), that place is AARMY. In my years of taking group fitness classes, I’ve never seen a stronger group of women or sculpted physiques to match.
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The Skinny on Strong



It’s Saturday morning at Barry’s Bootcamp and class is packed for a newer workout called LIFT. There are no treadmills or running in this class. The entire 50 minutes is floorwork only, in the same circuit format Barry’s regulars know so well, but slower paced with heavier weights designed to work muscles to exhaustion. For people who don’t like to run, this class has become super popular, while those who don’t like to lift have found a fun and motivating environment to get that essential strength training done.

The benefits of strength training cannot be overstated, yet many of us, this editor included, choose cardio and HIIT classes, opting for what we assume is a better calorie or fat burning workout. The irony is muscle mass is more metabolically efficient, and research has shown our metabolic rate is boosted up to 72 hours after a strength-training workout. It can help decrease abdominal fat as well. (Healthline)

In addition, weight training supports all those cardio activities by building strength, improving mobility, and increasing range of motion to help prevent sidelining injuries. For women especially, as we age and become more susceptible to osteoporosis, strength training is essential to keep bones strong. Despite all this supporting information however, many women have stayed away from weight training for fear they would get too big and muscular — a myth the steroid filled heyday of bodybuilding helped propagate. Read More


The Smart Ones




With more people working out at home, the all-in-one home gym has become increasingly popular. Many will remember the multi-station Universal and Bowflex that packed an entire gym into one apparatus, but with the boom in smart technology and connected fitness, brands like Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo have redefined the genre.

High-tech and interactive, these machines offer personalized weight training and fitness classes in a sleek and modern package that has made the all-in-one a featured showpiece in the home. With the world’s best athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Lindsay Vonn recently endorsing different brands, these machines offer performance to match. Read More


31 Days of Fitness 2022!


Happy New Year and welcome to 31 Days of Fitness 2022! We are back with another action packed January of workouts, wellness, recovery, and more! Every day this month your intrepid editor will be checking out a different class, studio, app, modality, and trainer to showcase the amazing variety of workouts to get and stay in shape for the new year. Omicrom may be raging but we’re going to keep it safe with a mix of digital, studio, indoor, outdoor, and socially distant workouts. There’s no guessing where I might turn up!


What a way to kick off the new year and 31 Days of Fitness 2022 than at the 119th Coney Island Polar Bear Club New Year’s Day Plunge, which returned this year after the 2021 Covid hiatus. Besides the symbolic cleansing of the past year, greeting the new year with a frigid but invigorating plunge has numerous health benefits as well. A cold water plunge increases blood flow, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, releases endorphins, and elevates your mood. In fact, I feel great! While most of us revelers are out there just one day year, the Coney Island Polar Bear Club is the oldest winter bathing club in the United States, founded in 1903, and members take the plunge every Sunday November-April! Photo:Casey Steffens Read More