Super Fly Trainers


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Flyknit, Primeknit, EvoKnit… super stylish for everyday wear,

interwoven seamless technology insures these trainers perform as good as

they look, no matter the workout!

LEFT COLUMN: NIKE LUNAR EPIC LOW PLYKNIT now $109.97. From the company that brought you Flyknit, Nike has taken this seamless woven technology and integrated it into many of their best selling models. The LunarEpic is a lightweight cushioned running shoe — winner of Competitor Magazine’s 2017 Editor’s Choice award. It’s a favorite of your editor too, for its versatility as a distance running shoe that’s great for HIIT workouts as well. The Flyknit 2 improves on its predecessor with an updated slip-on design for a sock-like snug and supportive fit. Available in multiple colors for men and women. Running, Cross Training, HIIT workouts

MERRELL TRAIL GLOVE 4 KNIT $130. For men and women, this barefoot trail running and training shoe now features a 3D knit sock-like construction and 4-way stretch. Designed for support and agility on the trail and obstacle training, the dual directional flex-groove midsole offers stability on uneven terrain with durable anatomical grooves on outsole for superior grip and traction. Trail Running, Cross Training, Freerunning, Parkour Read More


Snow Beach



Launching today is Snow Beach, a limited edition snowboarding collection by Polo Ralph Lauren that commemorates the 25th anniversary of this iconic collection’s original 1993 debut. Comprised of both reissued and reimagined styles inspired by the original collection, a color capsule is now available, with a black & white capsule coming February 1.

The original collection was inspired by the look and attitude of early 1990s when snowboard style was defined by an eclectic mix of color-blocked and graphic technical pieces. With its bold colors and signature logo, Snow Beach introduced a new vibe to the Ralph Lauren aesthetic, less gentrified and more hip hop. These pieces would become highly sought-after collector’s items, as did others in the Polo collections of that era. Read More


James Truman: From Edits to Eats


Just about two years ago, James Truman, the former Editorial Director of Conde Nast, opened Nix, a style and cuisine focused vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. This was not, however, his first foray into the restaurant business. He had partnered previously with hotelier André Balazs on Narcissa in the East Village and Chiltern Firehouse in London. But, really, his first restaurant was the famous Conde Nast cafeteria at the company’s former Times Square headquarters. It was his project to oversee. He hired Frank Gehry to design the space, and it became the hot spot for lunch. The only way to get in was if you worked there or knew someone in the building.

When I’m asked to describe what is STYLE of SPORT, my one liner is it’s where sport intersects with fashion, design, art, news and culture. James Truman, who once held one of the most influential positions in fashion and publishing, opening vegetarian restaurant – with a Michelin star no less – is very much at that SOS intersection. Add to that the coincidence that he and I worked together at Conde Nast on a women’s sports magazine, Conde Nast Sports for Women, that was his idea to launch in the mid-90’s.

James and I met for lunch last week at Nix, where we chatted about his evolution from the magazine to the restaurant business, and the passion he has for sport, food, and the healthy lifestyle.  Read More


31 Days of Wellness: The Final Countdown


Here we are in the final week of January’s 31 Days of Wellness! Our monthlong journey through the wellness landscape continues with more of the most buzzed about trends, classes, and nutrition. As you can see from above I’ve been busy with cryotherapy, hip hop yoga, thermal baths, Bulletproof coffee, infrared saunas, Spiderbands, mediation, and lots more! We kick it off this week with…

January 22: INVERSION THERAPY. Gravity boots, inversion tables and chairs… the practice and benefits of hanging upside down has been around for decades. I stumbled upon it today at a friends house who has a wall yoga set up I couldn’t resist giving a try.

For spinal decompression and traction, inversion therapy is often used to treat lower back pain. Overall, the benefits of relieving gravitational pressure on the spine and stretching the surrounding musculature are increased flexibility, better circulation, and improved posture. When standing upright, gravity pulls everything in our body downwards, most notably is blood. When you are inverted you reverse that blood flow in your body which turns on the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and boost the immune system. Read More




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From sea to snow, Camo is always in season!

Blend in and standout with this collection of sporty favorites.


CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: FAITH CONNEXION CAMO INTARSIA SWEATER $800 now $288! A bold camouflage pattern is knit with delicate mohair blend yarns in this oversized street-chic sweater.

OAKLEY WINDJACKET 2.0 SUNGLASSES $150. The Oakley Windjacket combines sunglasses and goggles in a cool hybrid that features the best of both in performance and style. Shown here with a Camo frame, the Prizm Snow lens enhances contrast in a wide range of light. Removable triple-layer face foam and strap provides added wind protection and keeps sunglasses secure on the slopes.

POLO RALPH LAUREN CAMO TWILL CARGO PANTS $198. Break away from your standard-issue uniform in these surplus-inspired camo cargo pants. Bold statement cargo pockets and streamlined fit, look great for an all day playful and stylish look. 

ALTERNATIVE ECO-FLEECE JOGGER PANT $58. To and from the gym, running around, or just relaxing at home, you’ll be living in these super soft and cozy camo sweats all season long. Check out the entire Alternative Camo Collection too! Read More


Day 20: Collective Consciousness



Day 20 of the 31 Days of Wellness gets its own post because it was a unique and special one. Perhaps the biggest wellness trend was christened today in what we are calling Collective Consciouness. This is the intoxicating feeling of hope and positivity that occurs when hundreds of thousands of women – friends and strangers alike – come together to voice their shared their beliefs as one. United in our conviction that country under its current leadership is one we cannot support, neither as women and nor as Americans, today the Women’s March in NYC connected us in a collective consciousness that left me feeling the best I have all month!



31 Days of Wellness: Week 3



Welcome to Week 3 of the 31 Days of Wellness! I “Woke Up With Intention” this morning listening to the 4 minute meditation on the Breethe App. I must say it did keep my usual worries from waking up with me, and definitely set a positive tone for the day. We’ve got lots in store this week, from Tai Chi to Spiderbands to Salt therapy, but let’s get started with a nutritional wellness favorite…

Day 15: KOMBUCHA. Though incredibly good for you, Kombucha is an acquired taste. Lots of people love its tart pungent flavor, but it took me a while. Kombucha is hardly a new wellness trend, but one, like so many I’m finding this month, that has been around for ages… literally. Thought to have originated over 2000 years ago in China, Kombucha has a rich cultural history of health benefits said to include the prevention of cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Kombucha has caught on in the last few years as the favorite brew of the wellness set for all its digestive benefits as well.

Kombucha is made from sweetened tea that is naturally fermented by a symbiotic combination of healthy bacteria and yeast. That’s what gives it the vinegary flavor and carbonated fizz. Kombucha is a powerful antioxidant and one of its greatest health benefits is the ability to detox the system. Naturally fermented, Kombucha is rich in probiotics. We all hear the term “gut-health” these days, and probiotics provide your digestive tract with healthy bacteria that help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and support your immune system, as they absorb nutrients and fight infection. Read More


Sunday Night Sport Flix on Ice


With I, Tonya a top movie pick among fans and critics, and the skating competitions of the 2018 Winter Olympics just a couple weeks away, we take a look at some of our all-time favorite skate themed films on this icy winter Sunday. From ice hockey to pairs competitions, dramas to rom-coms, it’s the perfect evening to check out one of these ever popular and soon-to-be classics!

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I, TONYA 2017

I, Tonya centers on one of the most salacious scandals in sports history, when the rivalry between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan took a violent turn in the weeks leading up to the 1994 Winter Olympics. An ill-conceived attack planned by Harding’s ex-husband, Kerrigan was assaulted in an attempt to break her leg at the U.S. National Championships. Harding would later plead guilty to hindering the investigation and was subsequently banned from competition for life. Margot Robbie stars as Tonya Harding in this darkly comedic tale that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, and co-star Allison Janney a win for Best Supporting actress.


Slap Shot is the 1977 sports comedy classic starring Paul Newman as the coach of a struggling minor-league hockey team. In an effort to build up lagging attendance at games, he signs three hard-charging players, the Hanson Brothers, whose violent and thuggish style of play excites the fans and draw big crowds. Outrageous comedy, hard-hitting action, memorable one-liners, and unforgettable characters make Slap Shot one of the best sports movies ever! Read More


31 Days of Wellness: Week 2



January has 31 Days of Wellness! Our monthlong journey through the wellness landscape continues with more of the most buzzed about trends, classes, and studios. Yoga, meditation, sleep, breathwork, cleanses, sensory experiences, restorative therapies, and more… it’s about looking good AND feeling good in 2018!

Day 8: AIRE ANCIENT BATHS. Communal Bathhouses have long been a part of every culture from the Arabic hammam to the Roman thermae to the Russian banya. The design and architecture of these spaces are as much a part of their rich history as the restorative effects of the thermal waters themselves. Following in this tradition is Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca, with other locations in cities worldwide.

All Aire Ancient Baths are located in restored historical buildings in the heart of a bustling city. The Tribeca location is underground in what was a textile factory originally built in 1883. A gorgeous work of architecture, industrial yet serene in its design, it is now a totally immersive and relaxing wellness space, enhanced by the exposed brick, dim candlelight, and of course, the multiple glowing pools.

Each pool or bath is a different temperature and mineral composition, and provides a unique experience. We’ve all heard the expression “taking the waters” and that’s what I did in the 90-minute session that consists of a tour through the Caldarium (Hot Bath 102ºF), Frigidarium (Cold Bath 57ºF and Ice Bath 50ºF), Tepidarium (Warm Bath 97ºF), Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets), and Flotarium (Salt Water Bath). There is also the Laconicum (Steam Room with aromatherapy), as well as the salt exfoliation area. One can opt for a 30, 45 or 60-minute massage as well, in which I did indulge to top it all off, because when in Rome… wait, I’m in New York City! In this hidden oasis underground, you forget where you are. Read More


Brrrr… Let’s Go Running!


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Don’t let a little arctic freeze keep you indoors.

Layer up, get outside and show winter who’s the boss! Stay warm and dry on the frostiest of runs in these stylish performance pieces.


LEFT COLUMN: ARC’TERYX NORVAN JACKET $349. For men and women, this ultra minimal, waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex shell offers freedom of movement and comfortable protection in cold, wet, and windy conditions. 

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR GRUB GLOVE $60. This mitten/glove hybrid offers the best of both! The glove features Polartec Power Stretch, with touch screen compatibility and stretchy comfort. For extra warmth, the quilted thermal back flips over into a mitten. 

PATAGONIA NANO AIR LIGHT HYBRID VEST $149. A go-to layer of your SOS editor, the Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Vest puts weatherproof insulation in a soft and airy, flyweight shell fabric for warm, stretchy, and breathable performance. It’s available in a jacket as well, for both men and women. 
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The 31 Days of Fitness!


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to The 31 Days of Fitness! Every January your editor embarks on a crazy adventure, and does a different workout or takes a different fitness class everyday all month long. My objective? To show our readers how many different exercise options are out there and that there are no excuses not to get in shape this 2017! The holidays have been fun but it’s time to get our butts back in gear as this new year begins. There is a workout for everyone out there — running, spinning, boxing, rowing, Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), pole dancing, yoga, pilates, and more — and I’m going to sample them all this month! I’m determined to find the workout for you — not just one you’ll do, but one you will actually enjoy!

January 31: BODY BY BOB. That’s it folks… the 31 Days of Fitness are officially a wrap! Back in NYC, we went out with a bang on Day 31, with a grand finale featuring none other than super trainer Bob Harper! Yes, “Biggest Loser” fans, THE Bob Harper, and let me tell you something… believe the hype! This guy gets star billing for a reason. He is a super motivator. Sampling some of the flavors of workouts I’ve done so far, with a few I hadn’t tasted yet, Bob whipped up an all-out, full-blast circuit of high intensity moves that kicked my butt after one round. Then he kept me going for 3 more rounds, coaching and inspiring me to drop my time too! Borrowing from Gymnastics, CrossFit, and HIIT workouts, the stations went from the Woodway Curve (cool to run on that self propelled treadmill again after Speedplay on Day 29); to Parallette Shoot Thrus (parallel bars on floor with leg swings to front and back); to the Schwinn Airdyne bike (told you it was back); to Thrusters (barbell squats with overhead press); to Sprawlers (burpees without the push-up); to Kettlebell swings.
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31 Days of Wellness!


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the “31 Days of Wellness”! In years past, January 1st has commenced my 31 Days of Fitness odyssey, with SOS (aka me) sampling all the hottest workouts every day for 31 days straight. With a few nagging injuries from 2017, I decided to shift the focus this year from the outside to the inside with 31 days of the most buzzed about wellness trends, classes, and studios. Yoga, meditation, sleep, breathwork, cleanses, sensory experiences, restorative therapies, and more… it’s about looking good AND feeling good in 2018, which can only happen with that mind and body connection.





What’s also unique this January is that the first day of the week, year, and month are all on January 1. The planets have aligned for a fresh start! So here we go…

Day 1: HOT VINYASA YOGA. With most of the country in an arctic freeze, what a perfect way to kick off our 31 Days of Wellness than with a Hot Vinyasa class — especially as I started the new year with the 9 degree NYRR Midnight Run at 12:01am this morning! Read More