Like Pickleball? Try Padel



It’s hard to miss the pickleball craze that has swept the country in the last few years. Nearly everywhere you look, courts have popped up in parks, schoolyards, driveways, and other open spaces. CityPickle took over Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park this summer with 14 courts.

But a few weeks ago I was strolling along the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I saw four packed padel courts in Domino Park at a place called Padel Haus. While pickleball may be the fastest growing sport in America with over 36 million participants (Association of Pickleball Professionals), padel is actually the fastest growing sport in the world with over 25 million players (International Federation of Padel).

Padel is like a hybrid of tennis and squash. The sport originated in 1969 in Acapulco, Mexico. Like pickleball, it is played with a paddle, but one that is thicker, perforated, and with a slightly different shape. Unlike pickleball, the ball is not plastic, but a tennis ball. The court is bigger, roughly half the size of a tennis court, and enclosed with glass walls. What makes the sport really fun is you can play the ball off the back wall, adding a new and challenging element to the game. Like pickleball, padel is quick and easy to learn, making it as fun and addictive of a sport to play. Read More


Keeping Pace with Kara Goucher



American long-distance runner, Olympian Kara Goucher is used to running 135 miles a week, but these days it’s about 20 miles, and that’s in a good week. A few years ago, after multiple falls — one of them into oncoming traffic — and a loss of sensation in her left foot, Kara was diagnosed with Repetitive Movement Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder.

ALTRA, Kara’s shoe sponsor, has just released the ALTRA Paradigm 7 in a special colorway, along with a $50,000 donation to Dystonia research. $5 from every pair sold of Kara’s signature “Hope” color edition will benefit the Bachmann-Strauss Fellowship in Dystonia Research, a part of The Michael J. Fox Foundation whose mission is to grow the global base of researchers studying the movement disorder dystonia and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

“I think when I see someone wearing the colorway I’ll probably freak out a little bit” said Kara. “It will be pretty cool to know someone cared enough to buy that color way and their money is going to go to help other people.”

Unafraid of a challenge, Kara is also the author of the recently published book, The Longest Race: Inside the Secret World of Abuse, Doping, and Deception on Nike’s Elite Running Team. Kara was the star witness who brought down Alberto Salazar, the now-disgraced Nike running coach who was the head of an elite team known as the Nike Oregon Project. What seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, Kara revealed became for her and other female athletes, a culture of misogynistic abuse, and one that pushed the limits of anti-doping rules. Read More


The Fly Tri



Swim, bike, run… whether you’re training for a triathlon, or just one of its three sports, this performance gear takes first place with winning style!

CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: AQUASPHERE DEFY.ULTRA SWIM MASK $99. Prepare to go next level with the newest swim mask from Aquasphere. DEFY.Ultra features a revolutionary frameless construction with a single lens, and DuoCurve lens technology for unprecedented panoramic vision in a flyweight package.

GIRO ECLIPSE SPHERICAL HELMET $249. The aerodynamic Giro Eclipse Spherical is a sophisticated, stylish, and lightweight road helmet. It’s crafted with spherical technology powered by MIPS®, to add comfort and an additional layer of protection.

FIZIK TRANSIRO INFINITO R3 TRIATHLON SHOES $299.99. This triathlon cycling shoe features a combination of a Velcro Powerstrap and a Boa® dial for a quick and secure closure, with a R3 full unidirectional carbon outsole for direct power transfer.
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The Tech Pack



An adaptive powered e-bike, smart bike helmet and sunglasses, robotic weight machine… this high tech equipment takes your favorite sports and fitness pursuits to a whole new level.

CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: COWBOY 4 E-BIKE $3490. Sleek, sophisticated, and fast… every custom detail of the Cowboy 4 is integrated seamlessly into a bespoke design with next level performance to match. With AdaptivePower technology, the bike adjusts power automatically for a smooth ride and an extra boost when needed. See more E-Bikes.

SENA R2X SMART HELMET WITH ALEXA BUILT IN $229. The Sena R2X features integrated speakers and a microphone, with a helmet-to-helmet Mesh Intercom™ system which allows users to communicate with cycling partners — and speak directly to Amazon Alexa. Audio is delivered above the rider’s ears, which allows for awareness of surrounding sounds for safety while you listen to music, check the weather, control smart home devices, and more.

ENGO 1 CYCLING SUNGLASSES $397. Keep your eyes on the road as the ENGO 1 sunglasses integrate real time performance data inside the photochromic lens and into your field of view. Pace, cadence, zone, power, and other metrics — it’s hands-free access to your sports performance data that’s instantly actionable. Deep lens design maximizes visibility and protection, and keeps data just off center so as not to interfere with vision. Glasses are Bluetooth Smart, weigh just 40g, and battery lasts up to 12 hours. Read More


The Masters Mix



The 2023 Masters Tournament tees off with new collections from established and upstart golf brands alike. Inspired by this storied championship, these hip new styles are bringing modern flavor to Augusta National Golf Club — home of The Masters since 1934 — on and off the links!

MALBON X LUSSO SCRIPT PELLI SLIP ON $150. Malbon Golf brings their game to Lusso Script for a collaboration on their signature Pelli slide. Waffle knit uppers and ultra-soft memory foam offer 360 degrees of slip on comfort for relaxation off the course. Malbon Golf is a lifestyle brand on a mission to inspire today’s youth with cool golf threads to get them into the game.

DEVEREUX GOLF PEACHY CREW SWEATSHIRT $68. The best-selling Peachy Collection from Devereux (DVRX) is back again for the 2023 Masters Tournament. This year’s collection showcases a fusion of country club-inspired designs and playful graphics that pay homage to the players, guests, and the greenskeepers at Augusta too.

G/FORE GOLF GLOVES $35. Available in an array of bright colors, G/FORE’S flagship gloves for men and women are crafted with premium AA Cabretta leather, and offer quality, construction, fit, and feel to go with their stylish appeal. See all the disruptive golf styles of G/FORE apparel and accessories. Read More


Eddie Would Go





The surf expression “Eddie Would Go” references the legend of Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard, and waterman Eddie Aikau, who in the 1970’s was considered one of the greatest big wave riders in the world. Eddie was the first official lifeguard at Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore, famous for its massive surf, and he was known for fearless rescues in treacherous conditions that no one else would dare.

Eddie’s life took on mythic proportions when it was tragically cut short during the 1978 “Hokule’a” 2500-mile sea voyage, retracing the ancient route of the Polynesian migration from the Tahitian islands to Hawaiian islands in a traditional double hulled canoe. When the Hokule’a capsized in stormy weather, Eddie set out on his surfboard to get help. Though the crew was later rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard, despite great search efforts Eddie was never seen again. He was just 31. Read More


The Hotel Evo-Lution



Last November, on a press trip to Salt Lake City with sport eyewear brand 100%, accommodations were provided at the Evo Hotel. I had Googled the hotel prior to arrival, and was intrigued to discover it was connected to, one of the biggest outdoor sports online retailers.

The hotel was located in The Granary District, one of Salt Lake City’s oldest industrial areas, which has recently undergone a resurgence to become a hip new section of town. There was a bouldering gym and skate park in the hotel, right off the reception area, as well as a spacious physical Evo store with a curated selection of ski, snowboard, climbing, and other outdoor sports gear and apparel — along with a large rental and demo section.

We did a story a few months ago about Auto Camp, a new hotel company redefining outdoor lodging by bringing uniquely modern accommodations like Airstream suites and luxury tents to some of America’s most scenic destinations: Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Moab, Utah, among others. This new genre of boutique hotels caters specifically to outdoor sports enthusiasts — people of all ages and demographics — connected by their shared passion. Other properties like Gravity Haus in Colorado and Loge Camps on the West Coast reflect this growing trend. Read More


Goggle Heads: All-In-One Helmets



The integrated visor helmets that have been popular on piste abroad have made their way to the slopes of the USA. Once considered an accessory for the more recreational skier, brands like POC, Smith, and Oakley have recently introduced all-in-one goggle helmets for the more aggressive, mountain charging skier. Offering the convenience of eye and head protection in one stylish package, they are great for those who wear glasses too.

LEFT COLUMN: POC LEVATOR MIPS $550. The first visor helmet from POC offers panoramic vision with ultra protection inspired by their ski racing heritage. The Levator has an extended visor with a field of view larger than any POC goggle and an easy swap lens-changing system. Safety features include Mips Evolve® for extra rotational impact protection, multi-impact protection zones in areas most likely to be hit in a fall, and a RECCO® Avalanche rescue reflector.

SMITH SURVEY MIPS $260. The Smith Survey ski and snowboard helmet combines MIPS™ and zonal Koroyd® safety innovations in a lightweight design for all-mountain use. An integrated visor features the terrain-defining clarity of ChromaPop™ and simplifies goggle wear over the glasses compatibility. The Survey is lined for comfort with adjustable vents and an adjustable dial that fine tunes fit. Read More