Stacey Griffith: Two Turns From Cancer



This is not a piece I ever thought I would write. This is not a story I ever expected to tell. It’s an October Breast Cancer Awareness Month feature about my friend, SoulCycle Master Instructor Stacey Griffith…

I have known Stacey Griffith for over 15 years, first as a rider in her class at SoulCycle. We became great friends too, kindred spirits in our love of sports, and travel adventure buddies. Stacey and I had big plans last summer, the launch of a Love & Sports branded content vertical on Style Of Sport, featuring editorial created for the apparel brand she co-founded with her partner Michelle Smith. But those plans got put on hold in an instant when Stacey received a diagnosis of breast cancer in June.

Stacey is one of the most popular SoulCycle teachers, one of the originals from SoulCycle’s inception with a devoted following. She is one of those special fitness instructors, who combine inspiration and motivation into a fun and addictive workout. Her class is an escape, for me and countless others, where for 45 minutes you forget about the world outside and leave your problems at the door. Stacey has coached and guided her students through many of those problems, real-life tough stuff. A number of women have gone through breast cancer with her in that room. The last thing anyone would imagine is that she would be on the receiving end of this disease. Nor would she. Read More


Timex x The James Brand



Following the sold-out successes of its two previous partnerships, Timex and The James Brand have just released their latest capsule collaboration in honor of the iconic legacy and retro spirit of the TIMEX IRONMAN® watch. The TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand Collection sports an amped-up colorway, bringing a fun energy to everyday carry whether out for a run, hitting the trail, or heading into town.

The three-piece collection includes the dynamic TIMEX IRONMAN® performance watch in vibrant, neon hues harkening back to its mid-1980s debut. The timepiece features a durable yet lightweight electric yellow resin case, accented by bright red buttons, and paired with a #Tide™ sustainable teal fabric slip-thru strap made from upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. It is accompanied by a color coordinated ultra-lightweight Redstone Knife and retro canvas wallet, both designed by The James Brand.

Best known for absolute performance and minimalist design in the realm of daily carry, The James Brand sought to connect what’s on the wrist with what’s in the pocket through its latest collaboration with Timex. “A watch says a lot about its wearer, and we often think of timepieces as the ‘first cousin’ to our EDC (Every Day Carry) products,” said Ryan Coulter, founder of The James Brand. 

The limited edition TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand Collection is now available exclusively at,, and via retail partner, Huckberry while supplies last.


The E-Street Bike




88 miles estimated range


You may have noticed beefed up ebikes around town, looking more like motorcycles than bicycles. Because they have pedals, these battery powered electric motorbikes are considered e-bikes and not motorcycles, and can be powered with either pedal assist or the hand throttle. These new e-motorbikes offer a whole lot of style with added power and stability, but how do you know what to look for if you’re in the market to purchase one?

For some basic info, there are 3 classes of ebikes:

Class 1: Provides assistance only when you pedal up to 20 mph (the max speed allowed in bike lanes)
Class 2: Equipped with a throttle in addition to pedal assistance up to 20 mph.
Class 3: Provides assistance only when you pedal up to 28 mph

We spoke to LAST MILE NY which sells a selection of e-motorbikes — along with other ebikes, scooters, and electric skateboards — who provided a few other things to consider:

Miles on a single charge… or the estimated range is most important thing, not necessarily top speed. As an FYI, the max speed allowed for an ebike is 28 mph, although the limit is 20mph if you’re riding in the bike lane.

After market support… the reason Last Mile carries the brands they do is that it’s really easy to get parts from them and service the bikes. It’s really important to make sure you have components that are up to date and can be replaced if need be. Read More


Pret-A-Sporter: Spring 2024





The Spring 2024 Ready-To-Wear Collections are a wrap and one again it’s time for PRET-A-SPORTER — our semi-annual review of the sportiest looks from the fashion runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

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