F*ck Yes! The Great Performances of 2017


From Shalane Flanagan crushing the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon to Roger Federer’s record setting 8th Wimbledon title to the Houston Astros first World Series Championship… 2017 was filled with many an epic sports moment! Here are a few of our favorites that had everyone talking – be they sports fan or not – and you should be too as we look back at the year!


On the first Sunday of November, Shalane Flanagan cruised to her first New York City Marathon victory in dominant fashion, running the last mile almost as fast as her first. At age 36, she became the first American woman to win the race in 40 years. It was her first marathon back after a hip fracture that kept her out of competition since the 2016 Rio Olympics. That’s a lot of firsts! Flanagan left three-time consecutive defending champion Mary Ketany of Kenya about a minute behind, and finished the race in 2:26:53. Crossing the finish line, Flanagan threw up her hands with an incredulous sob and celebratory “F*ck yes!” that few could hear but all could see as the cameras captured her amazing win.

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All Puffed Up



Whether headed to the mountains or staying in town,

cold weather style gets all puffed up this Holiday Season!


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LEFT COLUMN: CANADA GOOSE LUNENBURG PARKA BLACK LABEL $1295. Wrap yourself in quilted comfort this winter with the full length Lunenburg Parka from the Canada Goose Black Label collection. With a more refined aesthetic designed the urban explorer, the Lunenburg features strategic fabric mixing for super durability, along with extra-long rib knit cuffs, fleece pockets, and adjustable drawcord for ultimate warmth.

SKHOOP MINI DOWN SKIRT now $97.26. Keep that tush toasty with the Skhoop goose down mini skirt. Over leggings, to and from the gym, or apres-ski, no matter where cold weather finds you this 600-fill down skirt provides an extra layer of warmth with alpine style. Zippered side pocket stows valuables with room enough for phone. 

TORY SPORT QUILTED PUFFER BOOTS $248. Inspired by 70’s après-ski style, these quilted snow boots are water-resistant and lined in thick polar fleece for superior warmth and comfort. Accented with sporty stripes, they are finished with a waterproof leather mudguard and molded rubber treaded soles for extra protection against the elements. Read More


Sorel x Chloe



You know how much we love a fashion x sport mash-up here, and the SOREL x Chloé snow boot is definitely one of our favorites of the year! Chloe has reinterpreted the rugged best-selling Sorel Joan of Arc with their own unique style, and turned an outdoor staple into the must-have snow boot of the season. 

The new SOREL x Chloé boot blends the inimitable style and spirit of both brands. The hybrid takes Sorel’s distinctive molded rubber outsole, and shearling-lined, lace-up leather upper, and adds oversized gold hardware, extra wide fringe laces, and an exaggerated shearling tongue —  giving a French touch to this American classic. 

The SOREL x Chloé boot retails for $515 at is available ChloéNet-A-PorterMatches Fashion, and Neiman Marcus. 


A Yogi’s Journey



I belong to Pure Yoga in NYC, a popular members-only yoga studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There is one on the Upper West Side as well. As I have discussed before on STYLE of SPORT, I really don’t like yoga, but force myself to go as a counterpart to all the running and spinning I do. Like any fitness class you take, it’s about finding an instructor you like, and one of the first yoga teachers I found at Pure, whose class enjoyed, was Amanda Murdock. For me, that’s saying a lot.

I first took Amanda’s class back in 2013 during my annual 31 Days of Fitness feature. I remember thinking then that she was very skinny. With a ballerina’s physique and muscle definition, my assumption was she was or had been a dancer. I didn’t presume the other explanation. It was only a couple of years ago, when I noticed her body started to change and become much healthier looking, that I wondered if she might have had an eating disorder. The Pure community is fairly tight knit, and when I asked another instructor, a friend of both of ours, she told me that had been the case.

Amanda has gone from about 90lbs. to 120lbs. since I have been a member of Pure. As a fitness instructor Amanda’s transformation has been very public. I started thinking about what it must be like to have a classroom of eyes staring at you every day — going through such a challenging and emotional journey while on display. I wanted to know her story and tell her story. Although Amanda and I were friendly, our only contact was in class, and I was very hesitant to ask her about something so personal. Read More


W.O.W! Working Out With Kelly Ripa


From daytime television to morning television, Kelly Ripa has been making her presence known on the airwaves since 1990. We first got to know her as Hayley Vaughan on ABC’s “All My Children”, before becoming the co-host of “Live with Regis and Kelly” in 2001. Now the solo host of “Live with Kelly”, Kelly Ripa has proven she’s a force to be reckoned with and not just on the small screen. Packed into a 5’3” frame, this media powerhouse is a whole lot of muscle and endless energy, all of which I’ve witnessed plenty while riding with her over the last few years at SoulCycle.

The bubbly personality we all know and love on television is balanced by a sarcastic wit that fellow riders at SoulCycle experience on a regular basis. There is no diva here; Kelly is just a fresh-faced, funny, and approachable spin mate who didn’t hesitate to say yes when I worked up the nerve to ask if she’d be on Style of Sport. Her only request was that she didn’t have to wear any makeup. ‘How cool’, I thought, ‘How real! How Alicia Keys!’ The daily application of makeup is one part of her job that she is happy to skip when not required.


For this installment of “WOW: Working Out With”, Kelly and I “doubled” at SoulCycle with one of our favorite instructors, Stacey Griffith — a star in her own right whose book, Two Turns from Zero, comes out this March. Anyone who rides with Stacey knows we are a tight knit group. The “double” seems to be a phenomenon unique to SoulCycle where riders just can’t get enough, taking not just one, but two classes in a row.
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Moo-ve Over, There’s a New Milk in Town!




It used to be if you were looking for an alternative to cow’s milk, your only option was soy milk. It was the first non-dairy milk to go mainstream, popping up in grocery stores and soy lattes everywhere. Soy milk fell out of favor, however, for the digestive and allergen issues it caused some people, and rice milk became the popular alternative. Almond milk soon took its place, and has held court as the nut milk of choice for a few years.

Walk into a health food store or your local hipster coffee house these days, and you’ll find a plethora of plant-based milk alternatives, from cashew to coconut, oat to hemp, and more – each claiming to be the best alternative to the alternatives, and leaving us to wonder which one we should drinking.

Plant-based nut and grain milks vary in their macronutrient composition (protein, carbohydrate and fat), and also in the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) they contain. Each have their pros and cons, and for many it comes down to personal preferences – taste, consistency, and dietary needs. For me, it’s which one makes my coffee the creamiest, and is the color closest to cow’s milk. The good news is on that front there are a number of options available in a barista or coffee creamer blend. Read More


The SOS Gift Guides: Fit, Fab, Fun!


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CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: PELOTON BIKE $1995. The Peloton Bike has revolutionized the stationary bicycle, delivering an at-home workout as strenuous as what you’d get in a SoulCycle class. This state of the art indoor bicycle features a gorgeous tablet monitor with classes available to be live streamed or downloaded anytime. For those who like the convenience of working out at home, it’s like having a cycling class come to you!

TORY SPORT RUNNERS TOTE $148. Designed to carry all your workout essentials, and organized with multifunctional mesh pockets, this lightweight metallic nylon tote has such playful style it need not be for the gym only!

KT TAPE PRO STRIPS $19.99. For injury treatment and prevention, Kinesiology Tape is designed to reduce pain and inflammation, while supporting muscles in movement. KT Tape Pro Strips offer the convenience and easy application of pre-cut strips, in all sorts of fun colors. Unlike traditional sports tape, KT Tape is non-restrictive and allows for full range of motion,  and will stay in place through the most demanding workouts. This editor been using it to rehab her own hamstring strain! Read More