Sport Illustrated: 1954-?



Back in 2013, for another blog called SPORTOLOGY, I did a story on the SI VAULT, a treasure trove of Sport Illustrated covers. As a creative director for sports and fitness publications, I found it an incredible library and resource for inspirational sports imagery.

Sports Illustrated covers celebrated the joy of sport. They captured the greatest athletes of all time with such an intimate point of view, they felt like a son or daughter’s framed picture on the mantlepiece. They invited the reader in to find out more. Even the most intimidating of competitors let down their guard.

Here is the homage I paid in 2013, now on STYLE of SPORT: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: THE EARLY COVERS


A couple of weeks ago the company that publishes Sports Illustrated, Arena Group, announced mass layoffs after it had its license to operate the publication revoked by its owner, Authentic Brands Group. Though the fate of Sports Illustrated remains unclear, these timeless covers and the legacy of the magazine will last forever.