adidas x Bumble


It’s a match! adidas Training and Bumble have unveiled a partnership to tackle gymtimidation, a barrier to training which can impact athletes at all-levels.

To better understand next-gen training attitudes, a study was commissioned by adidas on the effects of intimidation in the gym that found nearly one-in-three have avoided the gym completely as a result. The driving factors include fear of being judged, not being confident in how machinery works, uncertainty on how to push to the next level, and no one to workout with.

When looking at ways to combat these feelings, seven-in-ten say a gym partner helps overcome feelings of discomfort and intimidation, with six-in-ten likely to be more motivated, and half even going more often.


By simply opening Bumble, Bumble For Friends mode or Bumble For Friends app, members can now add the adidas’ “Gym buddy” interest badge to their profile, to easily identify fellow members so potential matches can see their interest in fitness, whether they are looking for a workout buddy or a romantic connection.

The Gym buddy badge gives members the opportunity to start a conversation and connect on their specific training goals. It helps explore the potential to meet off the app too, in person, and discover the research-backed benefits of training together.

The partnership lands alongside the adidas Training SS24 Strength collection, featuring adidas high performance training apparel and footwear, so members are sure to be looking good when they do meet too.