The 31 Days of Fitness 2021!


Welcome to the 31 days of Fitness 2021! We’ve got an action packed month of health, fitness, nutrition, and more in store for you!

2020 was a year like no other. The coronavirus pandemic upended all of our lives, and among all the many changes were our fitness routines. With gyms closed, we were forced to bring our workouts home. The good news was the digital fitness revolution that was already booming exploded with a plethora of streaming classes, Instagram workouts, and fitness apps to keep us in shape… in fact, almost too many!

As 2020 was a year like no other, 31 days of Fitness 2021 will be like no other! Style of Sport has partnered with V1VE, a new digital media network set to debut later this year. V1VE brings together the worlds of fitness and entertainment in a curated collection of the industries’ top and new stars – athletes, celebrities, chefs, fitness, health, and wellness experts from around the world – all streaming on one digital network. Together we are here to help you navigate all the digital workouts out there. We are showcasing 31 of the best of the best, featuring a different health, fitness, and wellness superstar every day to jump start your 2021 with a massive dose of healthy inspiration!

No matter your fitness level — whether you’re in the best shape of your life or looking to get back on track — this 31 Days of Fitness will have something for you. Workouts go live every day at noon. Tune in daily to @styleofsport or @thev1ve to follow it all. Or check back here for more!

We are so excited for you to join us on this epic fitness adventure!



We kick off the 31 Days of Fitness with Akin and Aarmy! This butt-kicking bootcamp workout has been created just for V1VE and you! Watch it HERE. Aarmy is one of the premier new boutique fitness studios offering live and on-demand cycling and high-intensity conditioning workouts. Akin will be popping up throughout the day on @styleofsport and @thev1ve with health and nutrition tips for the new year.


After yesterday’s bootcamp, some yoga is most definitely needed! Day 2 brings an energizing practice with one of our favorite yogis, Tara Stiles! Tara is a global yoga, movement and wellness expert, author and founder of Stråla Yoga. Tara brings a revolutionary approach to being, moving and healing to inspire millions around the world with her relatable perspective to yoga, meditation, exercise, awareness, nutrition, and everyday well-being… and she created this session just for us!


It’s Day 3, football Sunday, and we’re in the kitchen with Kevin Curry cooking up some game day treats like crab cakes, chicken chickpea soup, and more healthy comfort foods! See recipes HERE! Kevin is the founder of FitMenCook, an online community of over 2 million followers around the world, inspiring men and women to get fit with delicious calorie-conscious variations of everyone’s favorite foods. Kevin has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Men’s Health, and Shape, as well as television appearances on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, TODAY, and Good Morning America.


What a way to start the week with the inimitable Issac Boots and a TORCH’D workout created just for V1VE! Isaac is a celebrity trainer, Broadway dancer, choreographer, and the founder of TORCH’D, the sculpting workout proven to burn fat and build stamina with visible results. Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Rinna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Watts are just a few of the celebrities who swear by his routines, along with thousands of others. Isaac began offering his TORCH’D classes everyday on Instagram when the pandemic closed gyms and it became one of the most followed fitness classes — more of a fitness party — around the world. Not wanting to charge a fee, Isaac instead asked his followers to donate to No Kid Hungry, and raised over $1 million for the charity known for providing millions of meals to kids in need. The New York Times dubbed him “The breakout star of virtual fitness.”


Get ready to be wowed on Day 5 with Instagram phenom StarBoy.UK! The playground is both his gym and stage, showing off his acrobatics, strength, and fitness on the bars… wherever he finds them. StarBoy discovered calisthenics in prison, and it changed his life. When he got out, he turned calisthenics into a career on the competition circuit, with sponsorship deals, and opening gyms. StarBoy has dedicated himself to sharing his passion and teaching kids the art of calisthenics, the derivation of the word meaning “beautiful strength”. Tune in at 5pm EST and hear his inspirational story when Nigel Barker goes live with StarBoy on @V1VE.


Sarah Wragge is a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach who has taught thousands of clients how to eat for optimal health and energy, lose weight effortlessly, and enjoy the foods they love. At the heart of her program are the simple strategies everyone needs to optimize fat burning, eliminate sugar cravings, and stay satiated between meals. We brought Sarah on board as our Contributing Nutrition and Wellness Editor at STYLE of SPORT for her unique ability to cut through the barrage of health, diet, and wellness trends. She separates fact from fiction to deliver the essential nutritional information everyone needs to know.


We’re in the ring on Day 7 with Muay Thai fighter Raquel ”Rocky” Harris, #4 ranked light flyweight USA Boxer and World Kickboxing Gold Medalist. Though small in stature, Rocky is known for an unrelenting viciousness and power packed punch that has earned her the nickname of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Rocky is the founder of The Champion Experience, the boxing gym she created to inspire all levels — whether they are training for fitness, fun, or competition — and she has a workout just for the 31 Days of Fitness!


We’re training with Kathryn Boren on Day 8 of the 31 Days of Fitness! Kathryn is a professional ballerina with American Ballet Theatre and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, who is as recognized in fitness as she is in the dance world. Kathryn’s training regimen is focused on stability, balance, core strength and stamina — crucial attributes for rigorous ballet or athletic training. She shares her full body sculpting routine on Day 8, designed to lengthen and strengthen, and work you to the core! Click HERE for workout!


Get ready to go next level when former pro beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton take over Day 9 of the 31 Days of Fitness! The definition of a power couple, they are two of the most recognized professional athletes in world who have become equally as well known for their cutting edge fitness regimens. Gabby and Laird have evolved the tools, nutrition, and training techniques they use for optimal sports performance into a lifestyle for overall health and wellness from which anyone, regardless of their athletic abilities, can benefit and access on their XPT (Extreme Performance Training) platform. At the core of XPT’s holistic approach is their Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum designed to challenge both the body and mind, and optimize human performance through a variety of techniques. Gabby and Laird share two of these on Day 9 in a High-X circuit workout led by Gabby and Performance Breathing session hosted by Laird.


If you like training outdoors — we all better these days! — you are going to love Day 10 on the farm! We’re across the pond at Farm Fitness, the brainchild of Tom Kemp, who has turned the farm he grew up on into crossfit style gym. Located in the English countryside of Dunmow, UK, Farm Fitness is set against a rolling countryside backdrop and is one of most unique and inspiring locations for a gym. It has become a hot spot on the UK fitness scene, attracting participants from all over the country who are drawn to the blend of modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, calisthenics, and blistering cardio training, all carefully programmed to be accessible to any fitness levels. Founder Tom Kemp has not only reached many milestones within the fitness industry, but also as a model. He was on the cover of Men’s Health in both the UK and South Africa, and is currently an ambassador for Under Armour featured in their latest campaign “The only way is through”. Check out Tom’s chest pumping, tricep burning workout HERE!


Chiropractor, functional nutritionist, and longevity expert Dr. Daryl Gioffre takes over Day 11 with tips and hacks to squelch our sugar cravings, become fat-burning machines, and optimize our overall wellbeing. Dr.Gioffre is the founder of the Gioffre Wellness Center and Alkamind™, and is also the author of Get Off Your Acid. His second book, Get Off Your Sugar: Burn the Fat, Crush Your Cravings, and Go From Stress Eating to Strength Eating has just debuted and he shares with us the cutting-edge approach to nutrition he has created to achieve peak health and abundant energy. Dr. Gioffre is a passionate motivational speaker who has appeared multiple times on Live with Kelly And Ryan (Kelly Ripa wrote the forewords to both his books), as well as other media outlets including Extra, E News, People Magazine, Vogue, and US Weekly.


Prepare to be motivated and inspired on Day 12 when Garrison Redd takes over. Garrison Redd is a Team USA Para-powerlifter, TEDx Speaker, model, dancer, and advocate for disabled rights. A former high-school football star, at the age of 18 he was randomly shot, resulting in a spinal cord injury that left him unable to walk. It did not weaken his resolve or determination for athletic greatness however. Brooklyn born, Garrison is the first ever to be selected to represent Team USA from New York City. He is ranked top 10 in the world in bench press in his 59kg weight class, is currently training for the World Championships in March, followed by the Paralympics to be held this summer in Tokyo. Garrison is the founder of TheGarrisonReddProject which he created to empower individuals living with disabilities to achieve independence and improve their quality of life. Ultimately, TheGarrisonReddProject has one goal in mind: to make to this world more inclusive.


Marcus Filly is the creator of the Functional Bodybuilding training method, and CEO and Founder of Revival Strength. He is a 6x CrossFit Games athlete (2016 12th fittest) with decades of experience coaching and designing both individual and group training programs for clients worldwide. Marcus combines bodybuilding methods with functional movements to focus on longevity, strength, and aesthetics. His objective is not just to look good but move well with a combination of isolated and compound exercises. The results of his training method are hard to miss in his phenomenal physique, with jaw-dropping strength to match. Marcus has created an introductory workout just for us on Day 13, his foundation for next level fitness and yours!


We’re in a winter wonderland on Day 14 with the infectiously energetic Mirna Valerio! Mirna is a native of Brooklyn, NY, a former educator and cross-country coach, ultramarathoner, and author of the Amazon bestselling memoir, A Beautiful Work in Progress. This Lululemon Global Ambassador started running in high school, and recommitted to the sport after a health scare in 2008. While training for her first marathon, she chronicled her experiences as a larger woman in a world of thinner endurance athletes on her blog Fatgirlrunning, which made her a role model for plus-sized athletes. Mirna’s athletic story has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Runner’s World, on NBC Nightly News, CNN, and in the viral REI-produced documentary short, The Mirnavator. In 2018 she was chosen as a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Mirna currently lives and trains in Vermont, where she takes us on a scenic trail run and workout, or what she likes to call a “frolic” in the snow.


Brian Mazza is the founder of HPLT: High Performance Lifestyle Training, created to give individuals and corporations an inside look at what it takes to operate on a high octane level. A New York based entrepreneur, he is also the co-founder of The Ainsworth restaurant & bars, and the men’s custom clothing company, Windsor Custom. A former Division 1 Soccer player at The University of Rhode Island, this elite level athlete is a two-time Men’s Health cover model who has also been featured in GQ, Esquire, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox 5, Cheddar, and various Food Network shows. “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes” is the motto by which Brian lives his life, consistently putting in the work to ensure he remains on top of his physical and mental game. We get a taste of that with a series of his mini HIIT workouts designed for max results that he shares with us on Day 15.


It’s Day 16, almost Saturday night, and we’re on the pole with Angelina Polerina! This 34-year old Australian and mother of three took up pole dancing 5 years ago and was hooked after the first spin. Says Angelina, “Pole dancing is an incredibly beautiful art; every time I practice I feel strong, graceful, and sensual, and all my troubles melt away.” The effortless elegance with which she twirls around the pole is deceiving because pole dancing requires incredible strength and flexibility. She gives us an introduction to this form of dance fitness, however, that makes it look easy. Angelina became an instructor to share her passion for the sport and says, “It is such a joy to help people become stronger, fitter, and more confident versions of themselves!” And we say it’s damn sexy too!


Actor, author, and martial artist Sean Patrick Flanery takes us to the mat on Day 17. Sean holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a passion for the sport that runs deep. He is the founder of HBJJ, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy with studios in Houston and Los Angeles. It’s a family affair at HBJJ, with sons Charlie, 9, and Porter, 6, right there on the mat with him. Sean’s newest film, Born A Champion, in which he stars and wrote, is based on his own life. It co-stars Dennis Quaid and tells the story of MMA legend Mickey Kelley, one of the first American black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Both onscreen and off, Sean gives us an inside look at his unwavering commitment to the sport which goes beyond the peak physical conditioning he has achieved as a byproduct. He calls Brazilian Jiu Jitsu his sanctuary and cathedral, and shares the fundamental ways in which it has changed his life.


It’s dance grooves and athletic moves with FORWARD__Space on Day 18! FORWARD__Space = Dance, Music, Wellness and Sweat. For those who used to dance, love to dance, and want to dance, this boutique fitness studio turned digital fitness studio offers a variety of dynamic dance-based sweat sessions with athletic conditioning components for all levels. You can experience FORWARD__Space anywhere, anytime through the FORWARD__Space Virtual Hub which offers on-demand and livestream sweat sessions. Founder Rachel Warren and Keith Alexander serve up a FIRE 24 sweat session just for 31 Days of Fitness that features athletic conditioning with light free weights and dance interval breaks. 8-MINUTE ARMS with Keith directs the dance to the upper body with this no-equipment needed energy reset.


We’re riding ocean waves and sound waves on Day 19 with Kassia Meador! One of the best female longboarders ever, Kassia’s elegant and playful surf style is legendary, and in recent years she’s become as well known for her sound sessions as her surf sessions. A sought-after practitioner of polarity, cranio-sacral, and sound therapy, Kassia takes us on a spiritual adventure with both an energy balancing session and a relaxing sound bath. First we wake up and warm up with Kassia’s pre-surf stretch and then cool down and chill out with the vibrational tones of her chimes, gongs, and crystal bowls. And in between, Kassia takes us surfing, offering some wave riding tips, while showing off the skills and style for which she’s famous! For more about Kassia read HERE.


We’re in the ring on Day 20 with actor and boxer Frank Grillo! Although his list of acting credits is long, with roles in such films as Captain America: Civil War, Intersection, Zero Dark Thirty, Edge of Watch, and Donnybrook, just to name a few, it was his starring role as Alvey Kulina, patriarch and owner of MMA gym Navy St. on the series Kingdom, now streaming on Netflix, that put him on our fitness radar. At age 55, Frank is a lean, mean, fighting machine who could likely knock out any guy half his age. Bronx born and bred tough, Frank trains as hard as any pro fighter, with a fitness level and physique to match. Frank gives us a behind the scenes look at his workouts at Fortune Gym in Hollywood, where he can be found every day, and shares the training and nutrition regimens — along with a killer ab workout — that keep him so ripped!


We HIIT it on Day 21 with viral sensation Jason Kalambay! One look at the man and you know we’re going next level. Jason’s unmistakable routines combine strength and plyometric moves for a turbo-charged workout. Born in Switzerland, Jason started training in combat sports at age 17, and fought professionally in K-1, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai until he was 27. Following his retirement, he started the online training and nutrition platform, BYB Squad, with his brother Jessy. Jason now resides in Montreal, and when the pandemic forced gyms to close, he was inspired to share his workouts to motivate and help people train at home. His growth was explosive, going from 10,000 to 200,000 followers in just 6 months! You won’t know what HIIT you when Jason shares some of his best moves with us, as challenging as they are fun, and paired great tunes to match!


We deep dive into the most buzzed about wellness topics with Dr. Richard Firshein on Day 22! Dr. Firshein is a board-certified physician and founder of the Firshein Center for Integrative Medicine in New York City. He is considered one of the leading authorities in the fields of Integrative, Anti-Aging, and Precision-Based Medicine, and treats a wide variety of chronic issues, including asthma, allergies, chronic Lyme disease, osteoporosis, and inflammatory diseases. Dr. Firshein has been using cutting-edge diagnostic, nutritional, and allergy-based testing to create customized health and longevity protocols for his patients for over 25 years. Among those treatments are a variety of therapeutics once considered avant-garde such as IV Therapy, bio-identical hormones, and PRPT (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy), to name a few. The best-selling author of the groundbreaking book The Nutraceutical Revolution, Dr. Firshein was the first physician to recommend a precision-based nutraceutical protocol for treating patients by utilizing vitamin supplements and an individualized dietary approach. Dr. Firshein answers your most pressing questions about intermittent fasting, belly fat, CBD, and more, with a depth of knowledge sure to blow you away!


We escape to Hawaii on Day 23 for a scenic outdoor HIIT & Flow class with Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland! Train, Yoga, Dance, Run… Traci does it all, and with an impressive background to boot! She was a competitive gymnast for 13 years; collegiate track and field competitor at Georgetown University; and former Hip-Hop/Street Jazz dancer who’s performed with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Black-Eyed Peas, among many others. Traci was one of the first Nike + Run Club coaches, and has taught different types of training for runners ranging from HIIT to strength to yoga. Traci puts those disciplines together for us in a 30-minute HIIT and yoga combo workout. It’s 15 minutes of heart-pumping strength and conditioning, followed by 15 minutes of yoga flow. Pressed for time? Split the workout! Crank it up in the morning with a quick energizing boost and chill out in the evening with a little relaxing stretch.


It’s Day 24 and we’re training at the famed DOGPOUND gym. Founded by Kirk Myers in 2015, DOGPOUND is a luxury personal training gym with locations in NYC and LA, in addition to virtual worldwide training. Kirk Myers is a fitness industry legend who has leveraged the knowledge and personal experience gained from his own extraordinary weight loss journey. He has created an authentic, positive, and vibrant atmosphere that is much more than a place to work out. DOGPOUND is a community — exclusive but unpretentious — with a vibe that is perceptible to all. Known for their unique, fun, and unorthodox training methods, DOGPOUND is a hot spot for celebrities, models, and influencers on both coasts. DOGPOUND works closely with every client to create a challenging and dynamic regimen tailored to each individual’s needs — and they have designed not one, but two workouts for us as well. With both a lower body Pilates routine and total body conditioning circuit, there is something for everyone on Day 24!


We take a little breather on Day 25 with Dr. Vania Manipod. Dr. Manipod is a board certified psychiatrist and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry based in Orange County, California, who has built an international following on social media with her posts on mental health issues. Dr. Manipod believes in a holistic approach to psychiatry that incorporates psychotherapeutic techniques, diet, exercise, and lifestyle, in addition to medication management when indicated. Definitely not your typical psychiatrist, Dr. Manipod’s mission to take the stigma out of mental health issues is reflected in her fun and playful TikTok videos. Touching on subjects such as depression, stress, anxiety, and ADHD on her blog Freud & Fashion and TikTok posts by the same handle, she presents what can seem overwhelming to so many in such an approachable way it’s hard not to instantly feel better. Says Dr. Manipod of the name Freud & Fashion, “I’m definitely not a fashionista, but I think it’s stylish to express yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin”. We say she wears it well!


It’s Day 26 and we’re in the studio with Cynthia Rowley, the renowned fashion designer who has built a global lifestyle brand on the philosophy that fashion should be an adventure. The brand’s signature pretty-meets-sporty assortment features ready-to-wear, surf, swim, fitness, accessories, and home decor which reflect her own active pursuits. An avid surfer, Rowley was deemed the pioneer of “surf-leisure” by Vogue for her signature short and sexy wetsuits, and she gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes peak into their creation. High style meets sustainability in the use of recycled neoprene, green technology manufacturing, and limited runs to avoid excess inventory. Rowley’s mission is rooted in women’s empowerment. The brand actively redefines the boundaries of fashion and inspires women everywhere to take risks and live life fearlessly. Whether she is exploring on a far-flung getaway, surfing secret spots in exotic destinations, or scuba-diving in an arctic glacier, Rowley embodies the spirit of the brand and lives the life for which she designs. For more surfing with Rowley see our WOW! Working Out With feature!


Day 27 is very special… it’s Special Olympics Day! We are featuring some of the most inspiring athletes you’ll ever meet, including Special Olympics Champion Ambassador Chris Nikic, who in November became the first person with Downs Syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon! Chris’s “1% better challenge” could not be more personified and inspirational to us all than in his own athletic pursuit. When he embarked on his quest he could not even do one pushup! Special Olympics is a global movement that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sport, every day around the world. It provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, and experience joy with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community. More than just sports, Special Olympics Health is the largest public health organization for people with intellectual disabilities as well. The Special Olympics movement has grown to more than 6 million athletes and Unified partners in over 190 countries, with over 100,000 competitions throughout the year, and Winter and Summer Games every 2 years. Special Olympics is changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by solving the global injustice, isolation, intolerance, and inactivity they face, and celebrating the champion in all!


It’s Day 28 and we’re set in the foothills of New Mexico, the scenic backdrop for some spiritual sweat with Nicole Meline. Nicole is the creator of ALTER, vigorously athletic, spiritually electric, integrated mind and body workouts that include “soulful indoor cycling + movement practices + meditations”, along with the ALTER podcast as well. This California born, New York City forged, wilderness loving triathlete and yogi, artist and writer, is a fitness and wellness industry consultant and mentor who believes breath and sweat are the doorways to the heart, and we can achieve more when a spiritual focus frames our physical pursuits. Nicole leads us through two of her signature “workouts that work in” — an indoor cycling ALTER Warrior Ride and ALTER Practice cardio yoga fusion — along with a short meditation, for a powerful revival of body, mind, and soul. Get ready to be transformed!


Day 29 is TREIGNING DAY! We hit the gym for an explosive lower body workout with Reinhard Nel. Reign is originally from South Africa, and has been passionate about training since a young age, playing a variety of sports growing up. He came to the U.S. in 2016, and later joined DOGPOUND where he became Head of Training Development. In September of 2020, Reign moved to Austin, Texas to launch his online program TREIGNING DAY on the Ladder Teams app with good friend and professional skateboarder Neen Williams. Reign’s speciality is training people for performance, whether that is for sport or for life. He has worked with thousands of clients, including a number of Olympic medalists, with the approach that training is both art and science, and in order to affect long term results the experience must be both effective and fun, even in the virtual space. He gives us a taste of that with 3 moves that powerfully combine strength and plyometrics, and one that will have you flying high… literally!


Get ready for MAS TOMAS on Day 30! We’re joining Tomas Mikuzis-Boston in Miami Beach for a fast moving, total body, circuit workout for any and every fitness level. Tomas is an entertaining and engaging instructor/trainer who brings over 15 years of experience to group fitness and personal training. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other networks, but many of you will know him best from SoulCycle, where he has been a Master Instructor for the past 8 years. You can now find Tomas on the Variis app as well, one of a very select group of instructors featured on the digital fitness platform for SoulCycle and other popular boutique brands in the Equinox family. Tomas brings sweat, hard work, and a good time to every workout he leads, with a comedic but motivating style that guarantees all three every time!


It’s Day 31, the Grand Finale of 31 Days of Fitness, and we have a fitness phenomenon in store for you… Demi Bagby! With 13.9 million followers on TikTok and 2.3 million followers on Instagram, you won’t know what hit you when this supercharged gymnast, surfer, CrossFit, skateboarder, cheerleader, bodybuilder, sky diver, all-around off-the-charts athlete takes over! Packed into this 4’11” dynamo is so much energy and enthusiasm you’ll feel like you worked out just watching her! But don’t worry, she’s created a special training session just for us, with all the moves we need to be just like Demi, or at least try! Check out all her workouts too on Demi Bagby Fit. With a mission “to always better myself and spread a positive impact on this amazing world”, be sure to tune in when Demi joins us Live at Five on V1VE for an incredible wrap-up to an extraordinary month!


Sweat dripping and beat bumping… Y7 is not your typical yoga studio. Set in an Infrared heated studio, candlelit and music driven, you might think even you’re at the club, were you not in a hot Vinyasa flow. For those who don’t like the traditional new age approach to yoga, this might be your jam. For those who do, it’s a whole new practice, and one you can recreate at home with Y7 Online. Y7 has designed one of their signature “WeFlowHard™ classes just for this Bonus Day, and paired it with a custom Spotify playlist too! Just dim the lights, crank up the volume, and let’s flow.