The Orange Krate Returns!



Hey kids — you grown-up ones too — the Orange Krate rides again! Schwinn has brought back their iconic chopper style bike, a staple of many of our childhoods, now available for a limited time. This vintage replica features the classic Sting-Ray frame, springer fork, banana seat, and high-rise handlebars. It wouldn’t be complete without the larger 20” wheel in back and a smaller 16” wheel in front – complete with those shiny aluminum fenders!

Schwinn first introduced the best-selling Sting-Ray in 1963. In the heyday of motorcycles, muscle cars, and drag racers, kids in California were customizing their bikes to look like choppers. Al Fritz, Schwinn’s director of research and development, created the Sting-Ray to replicate that style. The Sting-Ray became the bestselling bike in Schwinn’s history.


The Krate came along in 1968, and was to the Sting-Ray what dragsters were to automobiles. In fact, the Krate name came from a popular California dragster. What really made the bike stand out was the stick shift mounted on the top tube. Unfortunately, this is the only thing missing in the new replica, as it’s a single speed bike.

The Krates originally consisted of three models: The Apple Krate (red); the Lemon Peeler (yellow); and the Orange Krate. Green and white Krate versions later made their way onto the scene. But for most kids, it was the Orange Krate they coveted… and will once again!


The Orange Krate is available at for $599.99