The Smart Ones




With more people working out at home, the all-in-one home gym has become increasingly popular. Many will remember the multi-station Universal and Bowflex that packed an entire gym into one apparatus, but with the boom in smart technology and connected fitness, brands like Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo have redefined the genre.

High-tech and interactive, these machines offer personalized weight training and fitness classes in a sleek and modern package that has made the all-in-one a featured showpiece in the home. With the world’s best athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Lindsay Vonn recently endorsing different brands, these machines offer performance to match.


Mirror was one of the first to enter the high-tech home fitness market. It pioneered the reflective technology category, turning a mirror into what is essentially a life-size fitness tablet. With 10,000+ classes on demand, 50+ genres, and new live classes daily, Mirror is interactive and offers smart recommendations personalized for the user.

Mirror also features one-on-one training with live feedback from instructors via the built-in camera. It syncs with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Apple Watches, and Android Wear OS Watches, beautifully displaying real-time workout stats on the screen. Fully-integrated smart weights track reps and form. Mirror is available in different packages from $1495 to $2045 with $39/mo. subscription fee.


Tonal was the other pioneer in the connected all-in-one space, and merges an interactive workout experience with high-tech machinery. Tonal packs an entire weight room and fitness studio into a wall-mounted unit with adjustable arms that pull out, up, and down, so virtually every exercise and muscle is covered. There is no mirror, but attached to what looks like a smart TV is a pulley system with electromagnetic digital weights and dynamic intelligence that tracks every rep and automatically adjusts the resistance. 17 different sensors provide real-time guidance with a “Spotter” that monitors your form.

Along with goal-targeted programs and personalized coaching — there is a full spectrum of thousands of workouts available on demand like dance cardio, bootcamp, Pilates, boxing, yoga, and more. Lebron James and Serena Williams are recent endorsers. Tonal is available starting at $2995 plus $49/mo. subscription fee.


Nordic Track Vault is the ultimate space saving, home gym. A reflective cabinet design, it streams all your favorite workouts on a front panel mirror which slides open and holds all the equipment you need inside. Premium dumbbells and kettlebells, along with yoga, pilates, and other training accessories are included.

Powered by iFit and their world-class trainers, Vault gives immediate visual feedback with intuitive reflective training to match the instructor’s form. Select from a full library of the most popular workouts and classes on Vault’s massive 32” Smart HD Touchscreen. Vault Complete includes the weights and is now $1999 ($1499 for Vault Standalone) plus $39/mo. subscription fee.


Tempo is a newer addition to the smart gym market with Lindsay Vonn as their spokesperson. There are two models, both with a custom designed, integrated weight system. Tempo Studio has a mirror that streams the most popular fitness classes, and a built-in cabinet with adjustable weights for live and on demand strength training.

Tempo Move is great cost and space saving option at $395, versus the $2495 price tag of Tempo Studio. Essentially a compact cabinet as stylish as any piece of home furniture, it contains those same brightly colored weights. Tempo Move offers the same classes as well but on an app that casts to your smart TV. Both use interactive 3D Tempo Vision, with 3D sensors that monitor your movements, deliver instant form feedback, and offer guidance throughout the workout.


OxeFit has a design unlike any other of the new all-in-ones on the market — a training platform system complete with a bench and squat rack for even more workout options. There are two models: the $3799 XS1, a compact home strength training and cardio machine; and the $42,500 XP1, a larger commercial smart gym and training system, popular with professional athletes like Dallas Cowboy’s Quarterback Dak Prescott and other fitness enthusiasts who can afford it.

OxeFit utilizes digital weight and dynamic resistance training similar to Tonal, but with integrated force plates that measure power, velocity, and load balance in real-time with advanced AI fitness technology. A robotic system adjusts the weight and position of the machinery with the push of a button on a stunning 43” touchscreen display, and folds up the entire apparatus into an upright position when not in use. Row, Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard, Surf, Swim, SkiCross, and Pilates — OxeFit adjusts for 6 different cardio workouts as well.