Spring Training Is Now In Session





We are almost midway through March and the first day of Spring is just about a week away! Summer will be here before you know it, but there is still plenty of time to get the body fit and looking good for all the summer fun to come. And so we begin SPRING TRAINING… a regular round up of workouts, gear, apparel, nutrition and other tools to get you ready for all that summer has in store.

THE LOOK: Why dress like a gym rat when you can go surfer style! Roxy has just launched Roxy Outdoor Fitness, a new line of  shorts, tanks, jackets, leggings and more, that combines boardsport style with the technical performance required for all your outdoor fitness pursuits.

THE SHOE: New from Adidas is the Energy Boost running shoe. It has great cushioning, is lightweight and durable. Unlike regular EVA foam, which loses its bounce in cold temperatures, the Boost foam is temperature-resistant and keeps the spring in your step under all extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile Nike has just released the Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+, which combines the unrivaled style of the Flyknit with the cushioning of the LunarGlide.

THE WORKOUT: Having had so much fun trying all the different workouts in my 31 Days Of Fitness in January, I have been back on the fitness beat, checking out some of the places I missed in the first round. I took a class at Bari a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to see Aerobics are alive and well. What everybody now calls “Dance Cardio”, which is very popular at gyms and studios everywhere, is very reminiscent of the aerobics classes I remember from the days of Molly Fox and Jeff Martin, studios which dominated the NYC fitness scene in the 90’s. Bari has its own unique take on the trend, with a custom system of bands suspended from the ceiling, on which arms moves are performed during the cardio workout. There are a variety other kinds of classes to choose from as well. The environment is very cheerful and its a fun place to get your sweat on.

I also checked out Peak Performance, chosen by Men’s Health magazine as one of the top 10 Gyms in America. Located in a 10,000 square foot sun-drenched loft, high above the streets of Manhattan, this is the gym where the average New Yorker can train like a pro athlete. Utilizing apparatus like weighted sleds, Power Plates, ropes, kettlebells, plyometic platforms and other macho equipment, clients are guided through a customized routine by top-notch trainers, many former athletes themselves, who integrate traditional strength training with techniques designed to build speed, power, agility, and flexibility.

And finally, I ventured down to Aerospace, a boxing gym in the meatpacking district, for Micheal Olajide’s famed “Aerojump” class, a non-stop 60 minute jump rope and shadow boxing class. Olajide, a former #1 ranked middleweight boxer, is one of the pioneers of boxing fitness classes, getting his start at Equinox back in the 90’s. He is the the co-founder of the space, a very slick and stylized interpretation of what one expects from a boxing gym. Boxers are known for their fitness conditioning, and this high-octane, butt-kicking class demonstrates the reason why.

THE GEAR: Now if you cant make it to a boxing class, one of its best conditioning tools, the jump rope, is also one of the easiest fitness routines to do at home or on the road. A little goes a long way, and 10 minutes a day, what we are going to start calling the “SPRINGTIME 10”,  is an efficient way to get in shape fast. From the traditional Everlast leather to the Bob Harper Heavy Jumprope to my favorite, the weighted chrome Aerospeed, there are numerous varieties on the market from which to choose.

THE FUEL:  Ultra-energizing, nutrient-rich, cleansing and rejuvenating, Green Juice packs it all in to one glass and is a perfect post-workout refreshment. Naturally low in sugar and calories, the key is to find a blend that works with your palette. I happen to love the SupaDupa from Juice Generation and the Green blend from Blueprint Cleanse, mixed with a little extra apple for a tad more sweetness. Check out this review of 7 others you might enjoy on Serious Eats.

And that’s it for this week!