Photo by Jon Ross

The Gogoro Eeyo is an electric bike, or “eBike”, a mode of transportation that has become increasingly popular — even more so since the Coronavirus pandemic — as an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and health conscious way to get around. We’ve been writing about eBikes for a while now, since their evolution from junkyard delivery bike with a big battery, to a refined breed of modern commuter bikes. Almost all the major bike companies, along with a host of other bespoke brands, now manufacture an eBike.

The eBikes we are talking about are not like a moped or motorcycle. They do not have a throttle. You have to pedal for your power, and on some bikes harder than others. Class 1 eBikes max out at 20 mph,and Class 3 at 28 mph. Class 2 models are different in that they have throttles and don’t require pedaling. That’s typically what you see the delivery guys riding and not really an eBike. When buying an eBike you want to be sure it has the power, range, and comfort you need for your ride. How long is your commute? Are there a lot of hills? Do you like to ride fast?

The advantage of these “pedal-assist” eBikes, even for the most fit and active rider, is an extra boost of power that is there when you need it… on a long commute, if you’re in a rush, or you’d prefer not to arrive sweaty at your destination. Plus, they’re a heck of a lot of fun! And for you bike geeks and design obsessed, a few of the latest models are so sleek and chic, with the battery and motor integrated into the frame, you’d hardly even know they were eBikes! Check out these 3 new models that are sure to appeal.



GOGORO EEYO 1s $4599

Class 1 ~ 26 lbs ~ Range 40 – 55 miles ~ Charge time 2.5 hrs


Weighing in at 26 lbs, the Eeyo 1S is the lightest eBike on the market, with a total carbon fiber frame and components. Its design is so streamlined and minimal, it doesn’t even have a seat tube! The Eeyo Smartwheel brings the motor, battery, and sensors together into the rear hub, integrated so seamlessly they are practically hidden. All controls and displays are via the Eeyo app, and a handy attachment for your phone is on the barstem.

There are two settings, Sport and Eco, and no gears to shift. Though a power boost is always available, the Eeyo does make you work for it. Sensor driven, the harder you pedal, the more power you get, making it an ideal choice for the active cyclist who isn’t looking for a free ride. Plus, the geometry is sportier, more forward leaning as opposed to an upright urban bike, with fast racing tires to match. The Eeyo offers two models, the Eeyo 1S which is all carbon for $4599; and Eeyo 1 with a full carbon frame and fork; and an alloy seatpost, handlebars, and rims for $3899. Both feature the distinctive Gates Carbon Drive for a smooth, stealthy ride.


Class 1 ~ Weight 41 lbs ~ Range 37-93 miles ~ Charge time 4 hrs


Within its distinctively minimal upright aluminum frame, the Van Moof Electrified hides an arsenal of integrated tech, including an updated motor, battery, LED display, and anti-theft eLock. Both the S3 and slightly smaller X3 feature 4-speed automatic electronic gear shifting, and offer 4 levels of power, along with an extra boost button when you need it to flatten any incline. The Smart Cartridge monitors all onboard systems, processing real-time motor feedback to ensure maximum range and motor responsiveness, along with a super smooth ride.


Class 3 ~ Weight 27.2 lbs ~ Range 46 miles ~ Charge time 2.5 hrs


LeMond is soon to hit the streets, relaunching the company with a new line of carbon fiber electric bicycles: the Prolog, Dutch, and Daily. Fast, fluid, and lightweight, LeMond eBikes are what happens when a three-time Tour de France winner designs an eBike for everyday use with the goal to get everybody on a bike. The Prolog and Daily have a sportier geometry, while the Dutch is designed in the tradition of styles popular in the bike riding cities of Europe. All three feature seamless battery integration and motor, controlled by a single button on the barstem, and a safety-conscious LED light system on the front and rear of the bikes. More functionality is available by pairing the system with the eBikeMotion smartphone app.