This Is An E-Bike?



A few months back we ran a feature called “The E-Bike Got Cool”. Well, it just got even cooler, and going green has never looked so good. The Archont Electro by Ono Bikes is an outrageously stylish reinterpretation of the electric bicycle, completely redefining the category.

Ono Bikes is a custom e-bike and handcrafted bicycle manufacturer, seeking to change the way society portrays urban personal electric transportation. The Archont Electro is a three meter long, “Easy Rider” inspired bicycle. Its minimal long sweeping curves and sharp dips gracefully outline a chopper shape. The wheels, designed with an overabundance of spokes, enhance its elegant design. Add to that a classic Brooks saddle.

With all this beauty comes a powerful machine as well. In place of and designed like a fuel tank is a carbon fiber case which holds the bike’s 72v battery. The motor is mounted at the rear wheel, and rated at a colossal 7Kw, powering the bike up to 50mph.

Adding beauty, speed and sustainability together, the Archont Electro is sure to get your motor running!

Photo: Mirko Nahmijas