New Bikes on the Block



Move over Citibike, there’s a new bike in town. JOCO is a privately owned bike share service, and their distinctive orange bikes are popping up all over Manhattan. Unlike Citibike, the entire fleet of JOCO bicycles are electric assist, or e-bikes, and docking stations are located in parking garages, apartment buildings, and other private spaces. This micro-mobility brand is on a mission to merge sustainability and convenience, and “bring the joy back to your commute”.

JOCO was founded by two young entrepreneurs, coincidentally both named Jonny Cohen. The duo met at Columbia Business School, one with a focus on investment banking and real estate, and the other on transportation. Both living in NYC, they wanted to create a more efficient, enjoyable, and sustainable way to get around town. Together they have combined their skills to develop an alternate form of transportation.

“60% of trips in the US are under 5 miles. You don’t need a two-ton vehicle to travel such a short distance”, say the Jonnys. With carbon emissions at an all-time high, JOCO is addressing the transportation needs and environmental issues facing the city. JOCO launched on Earth Day in April with 30 docks, and by June they will be in 100 locations with 1,000 bikes across NYC. Their plan is to grow nationwide by creating a vast charging infrastructure network that will power the future of micro-mobility.

JOCO has struck deals and secured exclusive long-term leases at hundreds of locations already. Companies such as Icon Parking, who feature JOCO prominently on their website, see these e-bikes as an added value and amenity for those who park there. Docking stations are located right inside the garage entrance. Say you commute, you can park your car and pedal to your next stop. These indoor docking stations protect the bikes from the elements and help keep them clean. They also take up less space up on the already crowded NYC sidewalks.

Probably most unique is JOCO e-bikes actually charge in the docking stations, unlike any other micro-mobility company. This eliminates the need to replace the bikes’ batteries, minimizing downtime and making more bikes available. You may think your Citibike e-bike is charging when you see that red light, but in fact that light stays red until the battery is replaced, the bike is swapped, or it is taken to a mobile station to charge.

Single ride, monthly, and annual pricing plans are available, competitively priced with Citibike when you factor in Citibike charges extra for e-bike rides. And, you can reserve your e-bike in advance. JOCO will hold your bike for up to 15 minutes for $0.15/per min. Another added amenity, if you’ve ever arrived at a Citibike dock just as the last bike is pedaled away.

If haven’t ridden an e-bike, now is the time to take one for a ride. With pedal assist up to 18mph, they are fast and fun, and with the nice weather here, the best way to get around town.