Hermès Gets Fit


Just popped up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is HermèsFit, a luxurious style of sport experience where fashion meets fitness, open November 4th-7th. A small warehouse at 60 North 6th Street has been transformed into an Hermès gym — orange of course — complete with boxing ring, punching bags, horse motif kettlebells, and a bench press, all decked out in signature Hermès scarfs. HermèsFit lets fashion enthusiasts experience their favorite accessories with a playful fitness twist.

In addition, a full line up of fitness classes is being offered free of charge, integrating Hermès accessories into the workouts. There is Carré Yoga with Hermès scarfs, stretching sessions with Hermès belts, and kickboxing with Hermès bracelets, just to name a few! Those interested can reserve on HermèsFit.

Williamsburg is just one of the stops for HermèsFit, which started in Paris in October and will be traveling around the world to other destinations such as Tokyo, Taiwan, and Shanghai. It’s all in fabulous fun in this luxurious take on fitness, which at its heart celebrates the joy of exercise… thanks to those Hermès accessories!