Field Station



AutoCamp has just introduced Field Station, their latest foray into revolutionizing the camping experience. AutoCamp was founded in 2013 and has redefined outdoor lodging by bringing uniquely modern hospitality to some of America’s most beautiful locations. Accommodations include Airstream suites and luxury tents in such destinations as Yosemite National Park, the Russian River Valley, Cape Cod, the Catskills, and Joshua Tree National Park.

With boutique-style amenities and mid-century modern design, AutoCamp invites people to experience nature and camping in a whole new way. Launching early 2023 in Moab, Utah, Field Station offers a more affordable option with the same modern design and outdoor spirit, in a traditional hotel footprint. Field Station is upcycling and renovating existing lodging and motels in prime outdoor destinations to provide inclusive, supportive, and sustainable basecamps for exploring nearby natural areas.


Field Station is beautifully designed for function and adventure. Inspired by Scandinavian industrial (ScanDustrial) design, the lodge embraces clean lines, open environments, and raw materials with a utilitarian approach to enhance outdoor discoveries. Thoughtful room designs integrate space for gear and extra amenities, from bike racks to Dometic Outdoor coolers. A selection of rooms also feature Black Diamond Portaledges offering guests the experience of sleeping in the hanging beds used by rock climbers on cliff faces – but just a few feet off the ground.

Field Station offers guided adventures, equipment rentals and retail. Guests can create their own customized experiences with the assistance of Field Station guides, from fully curated to DIY. There are communal outdoor spaces where both guests and locals can relax afterwards, take a dip in the pool, hang around the campfire, or watch an outdoor film screening together. Field Station serves as a community outpost for education with programming that includes topics like survivalist skills, backcountry clinics, on-trail bike tire patching, Leave No Trace principles, and more.

Both AutoCamp and Field Station are on a mission to get people outdoors together by inspiring a newfound love and appreciation for our natural surroundings in a modern setting – indoors and out.

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