The VW Bus: The End Of An Era



With new automotive safety restrictions in the country, Volkswagen Brazil has announced it will cease production of the Volkswagen T2 at the end of 2013. Known as the Kombi in Brazil, the van has been in production there since 1957. Brazil has been the sole country to produce this iconic Volkswagen since Germany phased it out in 1979, followed by Mexico in 1994. The T2 now has the distinction of being the longest produced vehicle in automotive history.

During the 1960’s, the Volkswagen Transporter, as it was originally named, became the recognized vehicle of the hippie generation. With its free riding spirit and live-in lifestyle, the T2 was soon adopted by the surf community as the transportation (and home for some) of choice.


kombi last edition



A commemorative Kombi Last Edition of 600 vans are being produced to end its run that will feature the classic two-tone exterior, matching colored vinyl seats and white-wall tires, in one of its most popular color combinations of sea blue and white. These classic features will be paired with modern technologies like an MP3 sound system and an upgrade in horsepower from 28 hp to 78 hp. The vans will be sold only in Brazil for $85,000 BRL (approximately $35,500 USD) with a certificate of authenticity from Volkswagen and a numbered plaque signifying it as one of 600.

While this Last Edition is clearly a collectors dream. I might have preferred they went a little more retro and brought back one of the earlier models as the T2 send off. Those 60’s editions with their rounded edges, double paned winking windshields and chrome details had so much character and were truly works of art. However, the Kombi Last Edition is still a well deserved  farewell to one of the most beloved vehicles ever produced.