The Cyclist’s Spin Class



Recently opened in a bright and lofty brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is T2 Multisport, a cycling training center for competitive athletes and recreational “Spinners” alike. T2 is founded by Robert Pennino, Founder and CEO of the Terrier-Tri Triathlon, Cycling & Marathon Club. Pennino’s goal was to create a triathlon training facility in NYC, where none existed, open to all athletes, teams and coaches. T2 stands for “Transition 2”, the transition stage from bike to run in a triathlon.

The cheerful space does not feel like your typical NYC gym, but a cool hangout for cyclists and triathletes. The walls are covered with riders own bicycles and 20 beautiful new Specialized Allez bicycles. Wanting to appeal not just to competitive athletes, but to those who might not have their own bikes, Pennino engaged Specialized as a partner. They loved the concept of a “Spin Class on a Real Bike”.

The indoor cycling at T2 is done in group classes on CompuTrainers, computerized bicycle resistance trainers which simulate real courses and real riding. CompuTrainers and other bicycle resistance trainers are a regular part of training for cyclists and triathletes. Pennino wanted to offer this kind of cycling workout to “spinners” as well. As Lucy Danziger, Editor-In-Chief of Self Magazine, a competitive triathlete, Ironman finisher and investor in the facility says, “CompuTrainers are highly beneficial for overall fitness. It’s a tool all the pros use. Even those who can ride outside all year long choose to train indoors because it’s such an efficient workout”.


CompuTrainers also get you in shape to ride outdoors. Most people don’t realize how much the momentum of the flywheel of a spinning bike aids the rider. “Everyone is great at pushing down”, Danziger says, “but it’s getting the perfect circle of a pedal stroke that’s tough — the pulling up and over”. Being an avid spinner myself, and now having taken a couple of classes at T2, I can confirm that is my weak spot. Hip-flexors need training and the pulling-up motion that the CompuTrainer forces you to use, is essential for outdoor cycling.

The classes are targeted to different kinds of cyclists and Pennino mixes technical training rides with a more spin style workout. As a coach, what Pennino likes is that he can offer one-on-one training in a group setting. The computerized program simulates real rides and real courses. All data is stored for each rider. Workouts can be adjusted for the individual while all training on the same course.

For newer riders and those looking to make the transition from spinning to outdoor cycling, T2 offers a workout that also teaches a skill… how to change gears, how to ride outside and how to ride competitively. Regardless of level, T2 classes are a tough, efficient and FUN workout for the elite athlete and spinner alike.