Out of the Woodwork



Move the home gym to the living room with these fitness works of art. Crafted from wood, metals, leather, and glass, this sculptural equipment is it as functional as it beautiful – deserving of prominent placement in the home. Keep your handcrafted wood cruiser on display as a design objet too!

CLOCKWISE TOP LEFT: MATERIA BIKES BEACH CRUISER AMBRE $3800. Each handcrafted wood frame takes 72 hours to create and the result is a singular masterpiece. Not just for the beach, the Materia Crusier is built for the sophisticated urban rider, and offers an effortless ride with 3 speeds and premium components.

TRACY ANDERSON MYMODE MULTIFUNCTIONAL FITNESS APPARATUS $3999. This sustainably sourced, multifunctional apparatus features a staff, mat, disk, weights, and resistance bands, used with a multi-port anchoring system and workout platform. Thousands of movement algorithms are available and integrated into its own TA universe of custom content.

NOHRD SLIMBEAM WEIGHT STACK $2249. This elegant, versatile, and multi-functional cable machine offers a maximal workout in minimal space. The SlimBeam delivers a professional cable exercise station for any kind of strength training in its slender silhouette. With its tablet holder and interactive exercise app, moves are demonstrated, and weight, repetitions, and range of motion are automatically recognized and displayed.

ELITE FUORIPISTA $16,000. Crafted with wood, glass and aluminum alloy, the Fuoripista combines sculptural beauty with remarkable functionality in a showpiece of fitness equipment. Ride some of the most spectacular cycling routes virtualized on the tablet mounted on its front.

WATERROWER PERFORMANCE ERGOMETER ROWING MACHINE $1999. WaterRower rowing machines are handcrafted from different woods and finishes, but all feature patented WaterFlywheel technology, unrivaled in replication of the resistance felt in real water rowing. The Performance Ergometer with its SmartRow power meter hardware offers interactive training data, workout metrics, and preset training sessions with users around the world.

PENT LOVA LUXURY KETTLEBELL $450. Pent kettlebells combine wood, steel, and leather in an ergonomic, sophisticated, and timeless design. The combination of simple forms, curved lines, and elegant proportions sets this fitness equipment apart.

SPRINTBOK CURVED MANUAL TREADMILL $7399. Fully self powered, the Sprintbok knows no speed limitations. The gentle inward curve enables the runner to change rhythm and speed nearly effortlessly with body position. Compared to motorized models, the Sprintbok guarantees a heightened, more intense and effective treadmill workout. A variety of wood finished are available.

COREFORM CORETEZ DUMBBELL SET $3200. These luxurious dumbbells reflect a very simple but elegant design in their combination of wood and stainless steel. Wooden handles ensure safe and comfortable training and stainless steel provides product durability and longevity.