June Calendar: 30 Days of Surf



June has arrived and the STYLE OF SPORT CALENDAR theme for this month is SURF! Get ready for 30 Days of longboards, shortboards and stand-up paddleboards; rashguards and boardshorts; swimsuits, towels, shades and other great beach toys and accessories. Summer is here and it’s time to paddle out, drop in and catch some waves!


JUNE 30: TORY BURCH PALOMA SURF SHIRT. What surfers call a rashguard, Tory Burch calls surf shirt, but either way the Paloma Surf Shirt is a very stylish but functional surf top. It features a geometric mix of polka dots on the front with bright orange back and sleek zip front. On the board or on the beach, it’s a great look for both the surfer and the spectator alike!

JUNE 29: A GOLDEN AGE. New from Rizzoli is “A Golden Age: Surfing’s Revolutionary 1960s & ’70s” featuring the beautiful photographs of John Witzig. With access to the top surfers of that era, Witzig captured some of the most defining and poignant moments of ’60s and ’70s and his photographs document that time when surfing was still counterculture. Witzig was not just photographing the scene, but was part of it, and his images reflect both that access and that intimacy.

JUNE 28: YOLO INFLATABLE SUP. Inflatable SUPs are quickly becoming the go-to option for those who want their own stand up paddleboard but have no room to keep one. They are light and easy to transport. The inflatable SUP from Yolo, one of the most recognized names in stand ups, comes with its own backpack, pump, pressure gauge, removable center fin, tri fins, bungee system and carry handle… everything you need to enjoy a fun day on top of the water!

JUNE 27: GLAMOURPUSS BOND GIRL TUNIC. Sporty and sexy come together in this Bond girl inspired top/dress that can take you from late afternoon paddleboarding straight to cocktails by the pool. Wear as a cute little tunic dress or pull the side strings to ruche into a sporty top. The tunic is breathable, fast-drying, and highly UV protective (SPF 50+). Great for travel too!

JUNE 26: JONATHAN ADLER AEGEAN WAVES TOWEL. Woven in Brazil from super absorbent heavyweight terry cotton, this plush oversized wave patterned beach towel is the luxe way to dry off and soak in the sun after surfing or an ocean dip. Available with purple waves or blue, and now on sale too!

JUNE 25: VANS SK-8 HI WEDGE. From the original surf and skate shoe brand Vans, comes this trendy wedge version of their iconic SK-8 sneaker.

JUNE 24: MIANSAI ROPE & LEATHER BRACELETS. Although this is men’s jewelry, these brightly colored rope and leather bracelets, with assorted silver and brass hooks, casings, and other designs, are equally appealing to women. The bracelets are handmade, crafted from carefully sourced materials, with eclectic designs inspired by the world travels of the creator Micheal Saiger and his team of artisans. Worn on their own or with other wrist accessories, these bracelets have that perfect surf inspired style.

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JUNE 23: OCEAN KAYAK NALU STAND UP PADDLEBOARD. With so many ways to enjoy the water, what fun to have a sit-on-top kayak that is also a stand up paddleboard! The versatile Ocean Kayak Nalu is designed to provide high speed and straight tracking when paddling on flatwater and also handle light surf and rolling waves. The standing area features comfortable textured foot wells for stability and the 12.5 ft. length is great for long-distance stand-up trips.

JUNE 22: THE MATTSON 2. When one thinks of surf music, usually what comes to mind is The Beach Boys, The Ventures, and Dick Dale & The Del Tones. The Mattson 2 are creating their own new brand of surf music, one that harkens back to that vintage style but blends breezy jazz with chilled rhythm of the ocean and the waves. The duo is comprised of twin brothers, guitarist Jared Mattson, and drummer Jonathon Mattson, and their two albums/eps, Introducing the Mattson 2 and Feeling Hands, both encapsule the feeling of that perfect day at the beach.

JUNE 21: STORM SURFERS 3D. Currently on its US Tour is the epic 3D movie “Storm Surfers”, a multi award winning documentary about legendary big wave surfers and best friends, Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, on their quest to hunt down and ride the biggest and most dangerous waves in Australia. Braving enormous surf, freezing conditions and near-death experiences, the film follows their adventures over the 2011 winter big-wave season, all captured in breathtaking 3D. Click here for preview.

JUNE 20: HURLEY PHANTOM HOT SHORT BOARDSHORT. These bright four way stretch boardshorts, from the technical but eco-friendly Phantom line, are quick drying and water repellent. The athletic styling and fit, and the flat elastic waistband make them great for beach workouts too!

JUNE 19: SANUK SIDEWALK SURFERS “CASTAWAY”. Keep your feet feeling beachy wherever you may be in these Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers. Available in a wide array of styles and colors, these easy slip-on are crazy comfortable with their bouncy molded footbeds. The striped Castaway features a cute boat shoe inspired detail on the back and fun pelican print on the inside.

JUNE 18: ALMOND SURFBOARDS 12″ HANDPLANE. For some, bodysurfing is as serious a sport as any other kind of surfing, and the handplane is a way to enhance the experience and make the body more hydrodynamic on the wave. These beautiful handmade obeche and mahagony wood handplanes from Almond Surfboards embody the organic purity of this sport and are in themselves works of art. For more about the beauty of bodysurfing click HERE.

JUNE 17: MASTERING STAND UP PADDLE TECHNIQUE WITH DANNY CHING. I just watched “Mastering Stand Up Paddle Technique with Danny Ching”, and for anyone looking to learn the basics of Stand Up Paddlesurfing or improve their skills, this is an excellent video guide. Champion Stand Up Paddlesurfer, Danny Ching, shares his wealth of SUP paddling knowledge and covers the proper posture, paddle and stroke form, for both surf and flat water, in this compact 30 minute video. I found particularly useful the a-frame reference he gives as the perfect body and paddle position for the stroke and his tips for catching waves. Will be testing it all out next weekend!

JUNE 16: CYNTHIA ROWLEY WETSUITS. Designer and surfer Cynthia Rowley, has brought fashion and sport together with her collection of chic wetsuits. Long-sleeved and short-shorted, in fun floral and colorblock styles, these wetsuits will keep you feeling good and looking hot as you catch those summer waves.

JUNE 15: SUNDEK BOARDSHORTS. Another iconic old school surf brand, Sundek has been making boardshorts since 1958. The classic rainbow shorts first introduced in the 1970’s are available fantastic assortment of colors and have transcended the surfer community to become a fashion icon.

JUNE 14: INDO BOARD. For over 30 years, The Indo Board has been one of the best training devices for the balance and stability required for surfing. The Indo Original is the easiest model on which to learn, the goal being to ride the Indo Board as long as possible without it touching the ground. Designed for fun while exercising the core muscles involved in balance, the Indo Original is great for all sports training in general and used by professional athletes worldwide. The board is now available in a wide variety of surf inspired designs and colors.

JUNE 13: BILLABONG “ONLY GOOD VIBES” BEACH BLANKET. Soak up the sun chillin’ on this soft and roomy, yarn dyed woven beach blanket. It makes a nice throw at home too and keeps those good beach vibes going!

JUNE 12: SEALLINE SEAL PAK. When on a long paddle, it’s nice to have a waterproof pack to bring along some essentials. These colorful SealLine waist packs are great for toting around your basic necessities, and their watertight roll-down closure will keep everything dry should you end up getting wet.

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JUNE 11: NATURE SHAPES. There are many surf shops we could feature on The Calendar, but we’re keeping it local with a custom surf shop on Long Island in Sayville, NY. Owner Mike Becker, has been shaping surfboards since 1993 and stand up paddleboards since 2004. His boards are all fiberglass and each one shaped by hand. In fact, Nature Shapes is producing a limited edition of Style Of Sport Stand Up Paddleboards. These 10″6 performance SUPs feature a wide double barrel concave body, tapered nose and tail, and chined rails. They are both smooth and stable on the flat water, and also extremely manueuverable in the surf. They can be made in any color and feature a hand painted wood, camo, or cloud decks. Email us for more info at styleofsport@styleofsport.com.

JUNE 10: SATURDAYS BLEND NO.1. From La Colombe, roasters of the fine coffee served at Saturdays surf shops, now comes Saturdays own custom blend of whole bean coffee. This medium roast coffee is flavorful, full-bodied and absolutely delicious.

JUNE 9: OAKLEY FROGSKINS LX. The latest look in the sunglasses that first put Oakley on the map, Frogskins, combine fun beach style with old school surfer cool. Dark blue translucent frames with red interior facing give these frames a chic and playful style, while premium Oakley HDPolarized lenses filter out 100% of all UV rays. Available for both men and women, this frame can also be ordered with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

JUNE 8: QUICKBLADE PADDLES. If you want to improve your stand up paddlesurfing, a performance paddle is a must. Quickblade makes some of the best stand-up paddles on the market and are the preferred paddles of the pros. Made of carbon fiber, these paddles are lightweight and strong. They provide a quick catch at the beginning of each stroke and a clean exit at the end, adding power and speed for more efficient paddling.


Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 3.14.23 PMKASSIA MEADOR


JUNE 7: ROXY / KASSIA MEADOR COLLECTION WETSUITS. From Roxy and hot pro longboarder, Kassia Meador, come her signature collection of wetsuits. With their hip colorblock design and wide variety of cuts, from full suits to jackets to vests, these wetsuits have so much style you might want one even if you don’t surf!

JUNE 6: BIRDWELL BEACH BRITCHES. Another iconic surf brand, Birdwell Britches have been making their signature nylon boardshorts since 1961. A fourth generation family-owned and operated company, they have kept their product true to its origins. The product line might be limited, but the range of fun summer colors and patterns is quite extensive, with an attention to detail and quality that promises these shorts will never go out of style!

JUNE 5: RAINBOW LEATHER SANDALS. Rainbow Sandals was established in 1974 and to this day remains the premiere manufacturer of the leather flip flops that are so associated with the California surfer lifestyle. While the company now makes a wide variety of sandals, it is their classic leather flip-flop that remains their bestseller. The sandal is available with a choice of a wide or thin strap, single or double layered soles, and molds to the wearer’s foot over time for a customized and very comfortable fit.

JUNE 4: COLETTE X LIGHTNING BOLT. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic surfboard company Lightning Bolt, Colette in Paris is featuring a limited edition Collector Series of the signature boards from the brands history. Each board in the series was made famous by a legendary Pipeline surfer like Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Tom Parrish, Rory Russell and Reno Abellira. BEST MADE COMPANY is also celebrating Lightning Bolts anniversary with a re-release of the famous Red Bolt Boardshorts.

JUNE 3: RIP CURL TRESTLE PRO WATCH.Preloaded into the Trestles Pro is the swell, tide and wind information for over 500 of the top surf breaks around the world.The watch also has an internal digital compass, sunrise and sunset times and of course, is water resistant up to 200 meters. The Trestles Pro is a mens watch, but for women looks great as an oversized, brightly colored, summer surf watch.

JUNE 2: PRET-A SURF FOR J.CREW. In a cool seasonal collaboration, J.Crew has released an exclusive capsule collection with Pret-à-Surf – a hip surf and swim line that brings a bit of fashion to board shorts, rashguards and more. Founded by Vogue editor, Jillian Demling, and photographer Annie Liebovitz’s studio manager, Karen Mulligan, the duo loved fashion and surf so much they decided to put their passions togther in a line of very stylish and functional surfwear, Pret-à-Surf. To learn more about their collection and inspiration click the HERE.

JUNE 1: BARK PADDLEBOARDS. Stand-Up Paddlesurfing, or “SUP”, has become one of the most popular new board sports, offering a fun way to enjoy the water while providing a great workout as well. Raceboards are the newest offspring in the evolution of the sport. The boards range between 12-16 ft, and are a hybrid between a surfboard and a kayak. They are designed for long distance paddling and cutting through the open water with speed an ease. Joe Bark is the premiere shaper and manufacturer of raceboards, and more races have been won on Bark Paddleboards than any other. They are beautifully designed, bothinside and out, with a sophisticated palette and refined graphics that make them works of art.
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