The “Big Papi” of Totes



In celebration of the retirement of “Big Papi” and his contributions to the Red Sox, L.L.Bean has created the limited edition David Ortiz Commemorative Boat and Tote Bag, made from upcycled rain delay tarps used on the field at Fenway Park. The bag features Ortiz’s nickname “Big Papi” in gold lettering, and an interior pocket that reads “LEG3ND4RY,” a nod to his number 34 jersey — along with a graphic of Ortiz’s signature post-home run stance, pointing to the sky in tribute to his mother who died in a car crash in 2002.

Because the tote is made from repurposed materials, each one is unique, and a collector’s item for baseball and L.L.Bean fans alike. It’s a chance for Red Sox fans to own a piece of history representing two of their beloved icons, Fenway Park and David Ortiz, and this swan song season has been one of Big Papi’s biggest. Ortiz has hit 36 homers so far this year, the most for any player in their final season.


Available at select L.L.Bean stores and online beginning Friday, September 30th, the tote retails for $99.95. Due to anticipated demand, sales will be limited to one per customer. 34 of the net proceeds from the sale of these bags will be donated to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, a non-profit organization committed to helping children in New England and the Dominican Republic who do not have access to the critical pediatric services they need. A big heart goes with that big bat… and that big bag.