Lift off

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We love having access to the training and performance edge of elite and professional athletes. The latest to come across our radar are the XG4 Performance Insoles, carbon fiber insoles that add a burst of energy to every stride.

The XG4 takes an athlete’s own energy in and unleashes it back with a force to generate more speed, power and distance. Matt Arciuolo, Founder of Roar Athletic Performance, developed the patented carbon fiber insoles working with the United States Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton Team. In these sports, the power generated in the push off is critical to the speed of the run. Seeking to design something light and thin, that would fit into the tight-fitting shoes worn by these athletes, he turned to carbon fiber. Stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, he developed a carbon fiber composite capable of absorbing and releasing energy. Normally carbon fiber is very rigid, but Arciuolo told Style of Sport, “We took that theory and stood it on its head. We wanted to make a carbon fiber that would flex.” And flex these insoles do, with a force to launch a sneaker 15 feet up and out, as demonstrated in HERE in this video.



Every sport is reliant on the athlete’s interaction with ground — the more efficient, the better the performance. The insoles store energy with each foot strike, and release it back with palpable kick at lift off, as this runner can attest.

The XG4 weighs .7 oz, less than the insole it replaces. There are four 4 flexes for different athletes, sports and weights. Employed by multiple NFL, MLB, and NBA teams, in addition to a number of Division 1 college teams, no matter the sport, the XG4 can provide the extra boost to make any athlete feel like a pro!