World Cup Fitness


“I want to be known as one of the best ever female soccer players. I want to leave my own legacy and in order to do this, I have to outwork my opponents on a daily basis. Being fit and strong will help me achieve my goals.”

–Carli Lloyd, from Nike Women Presents:U.S. National Team Midfielder Carli Lloyd

Back in May, Nike launched a Fitness Diary followed by Nike+ Training Club workout with Carli Lloyd… before she would go on to become the star of the Womens World Cup, with an unprecedented 3 goal hat trick in the final, and win the Golden Ball trophy for the best player.

“Soccer is a sport that requires you to be agile, quick and light on your feet, so the explosiveness of high intensity training translates really well,” says Lloyd. “Endurance is really important — I have to be prepared to run 90-plus minutes — and the types of drills in my workout will help all levels of athletes build their fitness base.”
It looks like her training paid off, and it can for us too with her workout, Carli Lloyd’s Metabolic Kick High Intensity (HIT) Workout, available on the Nike+ Training Club. (It’s in the Get Focused section). In keeping with her relentless zest for fitness, the workout includes a series of high intensity training moves modeled after some of Lloyd’s favorites, such as Dolphin Push Ups, Split Squats to Jump, and the Cha Cha Shuffle, a fun drill mixing fast feet and lateral hops.

“In the beginning stages of my youth career, I just relied on talent. I wasn’t fully fit and didn’t have the discipline that was needed to make it to the highest level. Every day, you have to train and play as if it’s a World Cup final.”
The World Cup may be over but we can still train like it’s biggest star!

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