The SOS Week of Wellness Giveaway!



We kicked off 2018 with January’s 31 Days of Wellness — a month long adventure which found your editor checking out all the most popular wellness trends at New York City’s hottest studios. Flotation Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Meditation, Salt Therapy and many more… now you can experience a week’s worth of some of my favorites!

To kickoff March, it’s the SOS Week of Wellness Giveaway and all you’ve got to do is sign up to enter for a chance to win this amazing package valued at over $750! Here’s what relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative treatments are awaiting that lucky winner:




1. MNDFL | Video

Win a 3 month subscription to MNDFL Video! One of the biggest wellness trends of the last few years is meditation, and boutique studios such as MNDFL have brought the practice into a modern day setting as I discovered on Day 3. Now you can access their expert teachers at home and join the MNDFL community no matter where you are! Meditation is a practice that teaches us to focus our attention, calm our senses, and gain clarity — a much needed antidote to the stress and distractions we encounter in our daily lives. With classes varying in theme, time, and teacher – both new and old meditators will find many options to enjoy. Value $45 


Win a 60-minute float session at INFINITY FLOAT, NYC’s premier luxury float suite for the “Sensory Deprivation Experience” which I visited on Day 4. This sleek and modern private float cabin is beautifully designed with glowing blue light and a star-lit ceiling to sooth and calm as you float effortlessly in a state of anti-gravity. Filled with over 1000 lbs. of magnesium sulfate, flotation therapy is like a giant Epsom Salt bath, which many athletes use as part of their sport recovery program. A rejuvenating experience for body and mind, get ready to float away into a state of deep relaxation. Value $125


Lemon Reset, Rocket Launch, Pineapple Power… win 6 different delicous juices in this 1 day BLUEPRINT Drink Pretty Cleanse! A quick juice cleanse is a perfect reset for body and mind, as I wrote about on Day 2, and each 16oz. wellness packed blend of fruits and vegetables is loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins to keep you at the top of your game! USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher certified, and vegan, Blueprint delivers their Original Cold-Pressed Taste to your door with a day’s worth a juices that will have looking good and feeling great in no time! Value $65


Win a introductory package of 5 salt therapy sessions at BREATHE SALT ROOMS! As I experienced of Day 16, BREATHE’s luxurious Himalayan salt rooms and beds are as tranquil as they are therapeutic. During your 25-minute session, the soothing atmosphere will envelop you, while the salty air delivers its natural healing with each deep, cleansing breath. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral mineral that has been used for thousands of years for optimal well-being. Salt therapy usually works best within a few consistent treatments, the introductory package allows you 5 sessions to fully reap the benefits over a three week period. Value $50

5. HigherDOSE

Sweat it out at HigherDOSE with a 60-minute infrared sauna sessions for two! At NYC’s favorite infrared sauna facility which I visited on Day 18, you’ll enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of infrared heat as it warms, detoxifies, and calms your body from the inside out. Among the benefits of  infrared heat are pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, and improved circulation. HigherDOSE’s designer saunas also integrate chromotherapy, and feature a spectrum of colored lights to further enhance your wellness experience. Color therapy has been practiced throughout the world for centuries to balance the body with its restorative effects. Value $80


Run, train, stretch, ride, swim, hike, relax… and win a $150 gift card to VUORI! Crossing the boundaries of traditional athletic wear, Vuori takes a new perspective on performance apparel for both men and women! We like to put a little bit of style in everything we do at SOS, and Vuori is one of our favorite new brands. Our lives aren’t one-dimensional and neither are our workouts. Vuori products are designed for performance, movement, and sweat, but with a casual aesthetic aimed to transition effortlessly into everyday life. Joggers, hoodies, leggings, shorts and more — with fabrics so soft and style so chill, you’ll never want to take them off! Value $150


Turmeric, Cacao and Unsweetened, win a trio LAIRD SUPERFOOD creamers! Dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free, Laird Superfood creamers are a coffee and beverage enhancer packed with such nutrient rich ingredients as coconut, red palm oil, Aquamin, Cordyceps mushrooms, and Turmeric — which we featured on Day 7. Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton is as reputed for his health and fitness regimen as his unrivaled wave riding skills, and he created these superfood creamers after years of experimenting with adding energy-sustaining ingredients to his coffee. Mixed into smoothies or any of your favorite beverage or recipes, these creamers provide a delicious health boost that might even make you a better surfer! Value $24.99


Our friends at MILLY just joined the giveaway fun with a striped beach towel & swimsuit! Win a $200 gift card for any swimsuit from MILLY CABANA, plus this super cute round striped beach towel to relax in the sun… all wellness infused! Value $275