Good Vibrations



The benefits of foam rolling have been well documented for increased flexibility and range of motion; faster muscle recovery; better circulation; and thus improved overall sports performance. The latest evolution of the foam roller adds vibration therapy into the mix, another established recovery technique, and takes the foam roller to a whole new level.

The HyperIce Vyper is the first high intensity vibrating fitness roller. Word is Kobe Bryant was using a foam roller on a Power Plate, the full body vibration machine, which inspired the idea. The Vyper has 3 speeds of vibration powered by a rechargeable 16.8 Lithium Ion battery. Vibration Therapy delivers high frequency oscillations that force muscles to rapidly contract and relax. While foam rollers are the go to recovery tool, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of the Vyper allows the therapeutic benefits to permeate deeper.

HyperIce is recognized for creating a new generation of wearable icepacks that have become post-workout recovery favorites for such high-profile athletes as Lindsay Vonn, Blake Griffin, and Hope Solo. The Vyper is their second product and is being utilized used by professional and everyday athletes alike to warm up and recover from training and competition.

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