Two For One



Twin sisters, Cristen Barker and Kimmy Hise, are better known as the ChinTwins. Former fashion models, this gorgeous yogi duo has an Instagram following that has swelled to over 70,000 since we last featured them in Twin Poses. Using their powerful platform as social media influencers, the sisters have paired with Senhoa on the Clarity Collection, a jewelry line created to provide safe employment to survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia.
Senhoa is a non-profit organization that provides assistance, education, training and opportunities to women and girls who are at risk or have survived human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia. Each artisan individually handcrafts every piece of jewelry and 100 percent of the sales goes towards funding early intervention initiatives. Senhoa’s mission is to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation through empowerment, advocacy, and prevention programs.

The Clarity Collection by the ChinTwins has a simple and elegant aesthetic with a powerful message to raise awareness against modern day slavery. Designed with delicate chains and hints of Swarovski crystals, the line features draped body jewelry, drop earrings and necklaces, as well as two scented wood pieces, a bracelet and Mala necklace. “We wanted to create pieces that move and compliment the body, highlighting its curves and edges. While it’s always been a dream to create a jewelry collection inspired by the graceful lines found in yoga, what could be better than to know we can give back at the same time?”

The pieces are very affordable, which gives everyone a chance to be a part of this important cause without being priced out. Partners like Swarovski, who donated all of the crystals, have made it possible to offer these beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost, and at the same time the women are making a much larger percentage. Each piece is hand made, so you feel a real connection to these artisans.

Famed photographer and fashion television host, Nigel Barker, who is the husband of ChinTwin Cristen, has photographed the campaign. He is also the lensman behind so many of the striking ChinTwin images, a visual collaboration that has contributed to their popularity. A long time Senhoa champion, Nigel first got involved photographing supermodel Coco Rocha’s collection for the brand, and knew his wife and sister-in-law would be a perfect fit. “Love and humility are at the center of the ChinTwins mantra. People who follow them are inspired by the fact they are in their mid 40s, have 5 children between them, and are doing this purely as a give back. In an Instagram age where so much of it is for money or advertising, it’s refreshing when it’s not.”

The Clarity Collection goes on sale September 28. For those who don’t have a voice, the ChinTwins have made it family affair make sure they are heard.