Tracking Devices



There is a proliferation of sleek new digital wristwear on the market that charts your every move. These stylish tracking devices are designed to motivate by monitoring your progress, sharing your sports data with friends, and adding some entertainment to your workout. Here are 6 fun and functional wristbands and sport watches that offer a variety of performance enhancing features and look cool too.


This very stylish watch offers a host of functions including GPS tracking, average and current pace, distance, splits, elapsed time and more.  It connects directly to your computer with a built in USB and syncs with Nike software that shows you a heat map of your run, with speed, elevation, and mile times highlighted. It’s not the most comfortable on long runs, but a beautifully designed timepiece that makes you want to get out there and go.


Not just for running, the Fitbit Flex is one of the hot new activity trackers out there right now. Not only does it monitor all your daily activity like steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned, but hours and quality of sleep as well. Plus, FitBit automatically syncs with your smartphone. It’s slim and stylish, available in a variety of colors, and a fun wrist accessory.


Another fitness tracker wristband and another Nike product (there is also the Nike+SportBand) is the Nike FuelBand. Like the Fitbit Flex, the FuelBand tracks all your daily activity and converts it into NikeFuel, the metric system and social network by which fitness goals and achievements are measured.  The Nike FuelBand is available in a sophisticated palette of translucent white, charcoal and matte black, with an LED display that illuminates your progress (and the time) throughout the day.


Garmin is one of the most recognized names in handheld GPS devices and the Forerunner 610 is their top of the line GPS sport watch. The touchscreen lets you tap and swipe through all the prerequisite sportwatch speed and distance functions, and also includes a Virtual Partner and a Virtual Racer, as a built-in pacer and competitor. The Forerunner 610 is waterproof and shock resistant, and syncs wirelessly with your computer as well.

SOLEUS GPS 3.0 $199

The Soleus GPS 3.0 is a more basic but easy to use stylish GPS watch that tracks your speed, distance, lap and mile times. With the addition of a heart rate monitor, it is a great all around training tool at a very reasonable price.


Another entry into the hot wristband activity tracker catagory is the Jawbone Up, a flexible rubber bracelet that monitors your every movement, calorie and wink of sleep. Most unique is the Idle Alert feature, which reminds you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.