Todd Snyder City Gym



A few weeks ago, we reported on a crop of new bespoke sporting goods and apparel stores that had recently opened in downtown Manhattan, distinctive for their integration of design and sport. Another shop of note just joined the group, Todd Snyder City Gym, a pop-up which features the Todd Snyder + Champion collection, in addition to a curated collection of vintage inspired sporting goods, books, magazines and other American made miscellania.

The Todd Snyder + Champion collection is designer Todd Snyder’s collaboration with the 94-year-old sportswear brand Champion, and reflects a nostalgia for the high school gymnasium of yore. It features vintage inspired sweatshirts, sweatpants, varsity jackets, t-shirts and other sport influenced apparel. The design of the store creates the perfect backdrop for the collection and this era, complete with aged metal lockers, vintage black and white sport photographs, as well as a display of old school sporting goods for sale, such as assorted leather balls from Leather Head, wooden bats by Hoosier and classic canvas hi-tops from PF Flyers.

As the downtown retail landscape gets more athletic by the day, we hope this pop-up stays put. The design of the store and it’s sporty merchandise make a welcome addition to the neighborhood, perfect for holiday shopping as well.


Todd Snyder City Gym is located at 242 Elizabeth St. To read about the other sport shops nearby, CLICK HERE.

Photographs by Daniel Kiyoi