Mask Up In The Pool




While many swimmers prefer smaller goggles that sit inside the eye socket, others want bigger goggles for comfort and because they leave less of a mark. For those of us of a certain age, the imprint swim goggles leave around the eyes stays visible long after we’ve gotten out of the pool. The solution many have found, including this editor, are swim masks, the oversized goggles that have traditionally been for open water swimming.

Made for triathlon training and competition, these sleek swim masks feature a low profile design that eliminates drag. We demoed swim masks from TYR, Aquasphere, and Arena, and the wider design offers an extended field of vision, distortion free, which is just as nice in the pool as it is in open water. The soft silicone skirt that frame the orbital socket seal out water and are ultra-comfortable too.

Whether you’re lap swimming or Ironman training, these sleek swim masks are great alternative to oversized goggles. All are available in multiple lens tints and frame colors — and best of all, they don’t leave a mark!

AQUASPHERE VISTA $59.99. The Vista is a durable silicone swim mask made for unpredictable environments. With 180° distortion free vision, Vista’s low profile virtually eliminates the drag experienced with other swimming masks. With its soft silicone skirt, and one-touch buckle, you are ensured a comfortable, custom fit so you can focus on your swim, not your gear.

AQUASHPERE VISTA PRO $69.99. The Vista Pro offers Aquasphere’s greatest field of vision through its curved single lens. Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) is incorporated into the silicone skirt to provide a leak resistant seal, along with a pivoting buckle system that offers best fit and comfort for a wide range of faces.

TYR ROGUE $39.99. The Rogue Swim Mask features a low profile design, innovative anti-fog coating, speed adjustment technology, and hypoallergenic, silicone gaskets that delivers incredible clarity and comfort during every wear. All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection. The TYR ORION $44.99 offers the same features in a slightly larger design.

ARENA THE ONE MASK $24.99. The One Mask is based on the same design as the bestselling The One fitness goggle. Its special seal design offers a super comfortable watertight fit and conforms to most facial profiles to avoid leakage for crystal clear vision and long-lasting comfort. Lenses are constructed with a durable polycarbonate lenses and integrated UV protection.