Nike + R.T Air Force 1



Now available at, Net-A-Porter and Mr.Porter, is the much anticipated collaboration between Ricardo Tisci and Nike. While we have seen many sport and fashion mash-ups, the Nike + R.T Air Force 1 collection may be the most visually striking to date.¬†Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy, has had a long term love affair with the Nike Air Force 1. A competitive basketball player growing up, he has reinterpreted the sneaker’s iconic design with vibrant colors and dynamic graphics. Four silhouettes are now on sale which include the Nike Air Force 1 Low, Air Force 1 Mid, Air Force 1 Hi and the most dramatic and fashion forward of the four, the gladiator style Nike Air Force 1 Boot. This white collection promises to sell out fast, but stay tuned for the black variations soon to come.