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While you might consider meditation a discipline for only the deeply spiritual or those still stuck in the 70’s, it is now one of the hottest new wellness trends. Meditation studios have been popping up all over the country, many designed with the modern feel of a boutique fitness or yoga studio, and with a variety of class options. Chic, contemporary, and very zen, these drop-in studios offer a new spin on traditional meditation practices.

Tal Rabinowitz, founder and owner of LA’s newest drop-in meditation studio The DEN, started penciling meditation into her daily schedule as an NBC executive. She and several colleagues would try to block off time in their busy days to reflect and unwind. But she wasn’t satisfied, saying, “Sometimes it’s hard on your own. I wanted something better and something regular, before work or after work, kind of like exercise classes.”

That’s when she came up with The DEN. Rabinowitz’s studio is a beautifully designed multi-use space which she says embodies “exactly who I am.” She and her clients can not only take a class, but also lounge, relax and read with a cup of tea. The DEN is unique because of its variety of offerings and evoked feelings of “home.”

While the aesthetics may have changed, the benefits of meditation remain the same, and are perhaps more important than ever. Meditation is proven to reduce tension and anxiety; improve mood and focus; and boost energy and creativity. In this digital era in which we are always connected to the outside, meditation provides an opportunity to unplug and re-focus on the inside. Says Rabinowitz, “We’re all just craving a moment of balance.”

From NYC to LA, here are the new meditation studios that have got even the busiest learning to check out to check in:



MNDFL is located in NYC with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. MNDFL’s inventors, spiritual blogger Ellie Burrows and The Buddha Walks Into A Bar author Lodro Rinzler, dreamed of a non-traditional, non-religious space to meditate. The modern studio at MNDFL features exposed brick walls, large greenery and neutral-colored plush cushions. MNDFL offers drop in classes for 30 or 45 minutes of modern guided meditation. When you book your cushion, you chose from a “menu” of meditations catered to your mood or current state; for example, there is MNDFL Breath for relaxation, MNDFL Mamas for expecting mothers, or MNDFL Sleep for insomniacs. When classes aren’t taking place, the studio is open to the public for self-guided practice. 10 East 8th St, New York, NY. Photograph: Stephen Wilson

Unplug Meditation Center


Founded by Suze Yalof Schwartz, former executive fashion editor at Glamour magazine, LA-based UNPLUG was the first of its kind as a chic, boutique meditation studio. Clients can “drop-in” for 30 or 45-minute guided meditation classes, a format that the The New York Times described as “a Drybar for meditation” UNPLUG’s minimalist aesthetics make it a peaceful and uncluttered place to unwind. The classes focus on mindfulness, breath work, and imagination, and the “drop-in” style allows people to investigate the practice of meditation. UNPLUG offers crafted unique meditation programs for kids and corporate groups, too. 12401 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca.


THE DEN Meditation is a new drop-in meditation studio dreamed up by former NBC comedy executive Tal Rabinowitz. Opening February 1st, The DEN is located on the trendy stretch of LA’s La Brea Avenue. In addition to convenient weekend workshops and an all-star lineup of instructors, the studio features daily drop-in classes, such as the 20-minute DENexpress class, the AM Energize class, the Evening Unwind class, and our personal favorite, the #CTFO class (standing for “Chill the F*** Out!). The DEN’s lobby/lounge, large group classroom, smaller solo room, and private treatment area offers a versatile space for both beginners and expert meditators to find balance. For our friends in LA, you can try The Den FREE and UNLIMITED from January 18th to 31st before it opens on February 1st!
360 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, Ca.

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HUSH is a meditation and mindfulness studio located in Portland, Oregon. HUSH offers its own spin on modern meditation with its unique class offering; the ECHO class focuses on positive affirmations, the SIGH class explores breath meditation, and the LOVE class encourages compassion-based practice. HUSH’s philosophy is to make learning and practicing meditation available to everyone. 1306 NW Hoyt Suite 300, Portland, Oregon


THE PATH is a pop-up meditation group in New York City and the Hamptons. Typically 45 minutes, they offer four types of modern meditations: energizing, mindfulness, mantra, and intention setting. THE PATH encourages participants to stick around after the meditation sessions are over to converse and network. The location of THE PATH’s sessions are always changing and always cool – but they do host regular, 30 minute sits every Tuesday night at the District co-working space in NYC. New York, NY


Located in Los Angeles’ Orange County, INFINITE YOU is a meditation studio that offers classes and a community of “like-hearted” souls who want to explore modern meditation practices in a clean and colorful environment. They also offer guided support groups for clients who are sharing similar struggles in life. INFINITE YOU does not have a set class price; rather, they ask clients to offer a donation. 234 E. 17th St, Costa Mesa, Ca.

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BEN TURSHEN, former attorney and instructor at SoulCycle, opened his meditation center in NYC this past spring to offer a space for “an ancient practice for modern life.” His program focuses on Vedic Meditation, an Indian technique developed for people who are busty, active, and fully engaged in life. Turshen found this practice to be a perfect fit for the hustle and bustle of New York City. Rather than drop-in classes, BEN TURSHEN MEDITATION offers four-day courses in Vedic Meditation. After the course is over, clients are equipped to practice on their own. New York, NY


Started by a group of hip young New Yorkers, THE BIG QUIET describes itself as “Massive Meditations for Modern People.” The group doesn’t have a studio, as they want to bring modern meditation to groups in non-traditional spaces, like Central Park.

-Kristen Leen