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In between massage appointments, on the road, or as part of your daily fitness regimen, every athlete and active person needs at least one self massage tool in their training tool box. Designed for warming muscles up pre-workout and relieving muscle tension and soreness post-workout, there are a wide array from which to choose, ranging from a very inexpensive ball to a foam roller to a fancier motorized sports massager. A foam roller or stick is great on big muscle groups, while a ball can work in between muscles and is ideal for trigger point release. Available in all sorts of fun colors, most are easily packable which make them ideal for travel too.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: BABYBELLE BODYBUFFER $295. Marketed as a cellulite reducer, this pretty little massager packs a lot of power in it’s oscillating motion! Using the babyBelle Bodybuffer before a workout is a great way to kick-start circulation and warm up muscles. After training, it enhances blood flow to the muscles, flushes out lactic acid, and relieves soreness. It is also available in a larger two handed size for a more vigorous, deep-tissue massage.

GRID 2.0 $64.99. A foam roller is an absolute must and probably the most versatile of all the self massage tools. The longer 26″ GRID 2.0 and smaller 13″ GRID, are our favorites for their multi-dimensional surface, that roll through the nooks and crannies of tight muscles, knots and kinks.  The GRID provides a more realistic massage experience: low and flat feels like the forearm or palm
; high and firm feels like the finger tips. The GRID is also available on a stick, GRID STK.

MOJI 360 MINI MASSAGER $29.95. Also available in a foot and band style, Moji 360 massage tools use freely-rotating, steel balls that penetrate deep into sore muscles and tissues. Ideal for warm-up and recovery, two different size spheres perform specific functions. The top sphere provides a targeted massage, while the larger bottom sphere digs deep for a more rigorous massage.

THE ORB MASSAGE BALL $19.95-$24.95.  Available in both a 5″ and 7″ size, The Orb provides a multi-directional deep tissue massage for targeted pain and muscle tension relief where you need it. It’s nubby surface gets deep into muscle tissue for facial release, the benefits of which are increased flexibility and enhanced performance.

GO FIT EXTREME 17 ” MASSAGE BAR $29.99. The GoFit Extreme Massage Bar crunches through muscle knots with its rolling pin design and nubbed surface for a deep tissue massage pre-workout and pain relief post-workout. It features an ergonomic handle design, ball-bearing roller system, and is also available in a gentler 18″ Therapeutic Massage Bar.

GO FIT TARGET MASSAGE BALL $24.99. The Go Fit Target Massage Ball is the latest self-recovery tool designed for targeted pain therapy. This non-slip textured ball on a rope, with its long cord design, targets hard-to-reach muscles in your neck, shoulder, back, glutes, legs and feet while standing against a wall or sitting on a chair.

ADIDAS ADISSAGE SLIDES $35. These sporty swim slides do more than just walk you to and from the pool. Clear massage nubs covering the footbed give your feet a stimulating massage with every step, and look great too with over 25 styles and colors from which to choose!

SPIKY MASSAGE BALL $8.75. Available in a wide array of sizes and colors, targeted for both big and small muscle groups, the spiky massage ball provides both a stimulating deep tissue massage and increased circulation. For sensory therapy, manual massage and reflexology, the spiky sensory points stimulate tension release. The 3″ diameter is especially effective on feet and for relief of plantar fasciitis.

REJUVENATION FOOT THERAPY ROLLER $24.99. Relax and massage sore, tired feet with this therapy roller that activates pressure points to relieve tension, relax muscles, increase circulation and improve posture.