31 Days Of Bicycles


THE CALENDAR THEME FOR MARCH IS BICYCLES! Get ready for 31 days of Racing, Fixies, Cruisers, City bikes and more… it’s time to start using some pedal power!


MAR.31: SCHWINN STINGRAY. Happy Easter everyone! On this final day of March, the last day of the 31 Days of Bicycles we wrap it up with a piece of bicycle history… the Schwinn Stingray! Introduced in 1963 and in production until 1981, the Stingray’s dramatically different design was inspired by kids in southern California who were customizing their own bikes to look like motorcycles. In 1968, Schwinn introduced the racing style Orange Krate, Apple Krateand Lemon Peeler, which with their 5-gear hot rod shifter, fork and seat suspension, racing stripe saddle and smaller front wheel became the most popular Stingrays of them all. For more of the Stingray history click HERE

MAR.30: JAMIS SONIKWith its wheel hugging aerodynamic frame and stealth black style, you’ll find out how fast you really are with the velodrome-inspired Sonik from Jamis.

MAR.29: SCOTT CONTESSA SCALE 930. This baby blue Scott womens specific mountain bike is ideal for the novice and budget conscious mountain biker. With its bigger 29″ wheels, currently the popular size in mountain biking (as compared to 26″ wheels) for providing a smoother ride, this mountain bike will cruise over any bumps the trails or streets have to offer. 

MAR.28: RETROVELO CLASSIC SERIES. From the 3 speed “Klara” and “Klaus”to the 8 speed “Paula” and “Paul”, these mens and womens sturdy yet stylish street bikes are perfect for a relaxing ride around town or through the countryside. The bikes are available in a palette of 11 such sophisticated colors as “Pigeon Blue”, “Stone Gray” and “Clay Brown”. With their wide handlebars, fat earth tone tires and Brooks saddles, the Retrovelo Classics are guaranteed to be chic and comfortable wherever you may be headed.

MAR.27: BMC IMPEC LAMBORGHINI EDITON.In honor of their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini has partnered Swiss bicycle manufacturing company BMC, to create a limited edition road bike, the Impec Lamborghini Edition. Both Lamborghini and BMC are recognized for their cutting-edge technology, beautiful designand world-class performances on the road and track. Together they have created the ultimate bicycle, limited to only 50 being produced and retailing for €25,000.

MAR.26: ELECTRA TICINO 8D. This refined hybrid bike with its upright ride, elegant frame, 8-gear Shimano shifters, and hip mustache handlebars is the perfect set of wheels for jaunting about town in comfort and style.

MAR.25: FUJI TRACK. Fuji has been making track bikes for decades, and with the popularity of fixed gear bikes have become one of the street rides of choice. The sleek carbon fiber Track 1.1 and the all steel Track Classic deliver fast rides in the velodome or on the street for those with the skills to handle it.

MAR.24: SHINOLA BIXBY. From the very hip Detroit based company Shinola, makers of limited edition watches, bicycles, and leather journals, comes The Bixby, a refined urban cruiser bike. Offered in both a classic men’s and women’s design, the American-made steel frame and fork are designed for comfort, utility and smooth city riding. 

MAR. 23: MARTONE CYCLING CO. The Martone Cycling Co. is a brand new fashion and design inspired bicycle company founded by Lorenzo Martone. Nicknamed MCC, the company has created a city bike for the very style conscious urbanite seeking beauty and performance for their ride around town. One distinctive monochromatic frame is available in both a mens and womens model, and comes in 5 chic colors of red, white, silver, black and gold. All are accessorized with a fashionable red chain (perhaps a bit of a wink to a certain red soled shoe designer) and very functional basket is integrated into the handlebars. The bikes are powered by an automatically adjusting duomatic gear system, allowing the cyclist to focus on looking their best wherever they may be riding. 

MAR.22: CINELLI BOOTLEG MYSTIC RAT BIANCA. From one of the legendary Italian cycling brands comes this chic all white Fixie, one of the Cinelli Bootleg series of urban bikes. It available with a handbrake for the less extreme urban cyclist. This is a bike that is sure to turn heads!

MAR.21: SEVEN CYCLES. These custom titanium bicycles are works of art and recognized for their legendary craftsmanship. The Axiom SL is their best selling frame, built from double-butted-titanium tubing for outstanding lightness, quick handling and durability. This bike is built to last and considered a classic among serious cyclists.

MAR.20: VILLY CUSTOM. As seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, at Villy Custom you create the cruiser bike of your dreams. By following the step by step process online, you can customize the color and style of every component, from the frame to the wheels to the pedals and more. Because they sell direct to their customers, these made to order bikes are reasonably priced as well. So why bike around on just any cruiser this summer, when you can have one built just for you!

MAR.19: FELT BICYCLES. Felt is the manufacturer of some of the world’s most aerodynamic and fastest triathlon and time trial bikes. The top of the line carbon fiber DA1 is the weapon of choice of a number of top pros, and the womens specific DA4W is built to ensure speed and results for the competitive female triathlete. The B Series bikes, consistently recognized by cycling magazines, offer incredible performance across all price points, and the womens B16W is one of the most affordable full carbon fiber TT/Tri bike on the market.

MAR.18: BOBBIN BICYCLES. Created in the spirit of the classic English bicycle is the lovely Bobbin Bicycle produced in a fabulous array of colors, from Flamingo Pink to Sky Blue to Pale Yellow.  Their most popular “Birdie” features no-fuss 3 speed hub gears, mudguards and rear rack, making for a practical, stylish and plush way to get around town.

MAR.17: PURE FIX GLOW. We’re going Glow-In-The-Dark green (yes, that’s right) in honor St.Patricks Day with this Fixie from Pure Fix (also comes as a single speed).  The paint is solar-activated, so an hour of daytime sun equals an hour of nighttime fun.

MAR.16: RALEIGH CHOPPER. This 70’s classic is a bike I saved up for and adored as a kid. With its big wheel in back and small wheel in front, tall chopper handlebars, long squared off banana seat and center console shifter, I thought it was the coolest bike I ever. Though out of production, the Raleigh Chopper still has a fan following and can be found for sale on Ebay and through other bike collectors.

MAR.15: LIV/GIANT PERFORMANCE SERIES. Giant Bicycle’s reputed Liv/Giant brand is a line of bicycles dedicated solely to the female rider. They are the manufacturer of the first true women’s-specific aerodynamic road bikes. The Trinity Compostite 1 W triathlon bike and Envie Advanced road bike are two of the models from the performance series, proven fast in road races, time trials, and triathlons.

MAR.14: STRADA CUSTOMS. Located in Chinatown in Manhattan is Strada Customs, an extremely cool specialty bike shop carrying their own line of track and fixed gear bikes. Every bike is made to order, but unlike other fixed gear establishments where you really need to know your stuff, this shop is beginner friendly too. Their entry level $449 Trackster model can be assembled in a large variety of color combinations by choosing from a selection of frame, wheel, rim, handlebar, seat and chain colors. Their website lets you create your bike online as well and shipping is free. In additon to bikes, Strada Customs carries a selection of other hip bicycle and lifestyle accessories. 

MAR.13: BIANCHI. With its unmistakable green, Bianchi is one of the most recognized bicycles and in fact, the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturing company. Still producing an impressive line of racing, touring and off road bicycles, the track and fixed gear are their most beautiful, retaining the elegant simplicity of the first Bianchi bicycles.

MAR.12: BUDNITZ BICYCLES. Handcrafted Budnitz bicycles are statement pieces that elevate the commuter and cruiser bike to a whole new leval. No.3 Honey Edition is particular beauty that pairs the elegant simplicity of all Budnitz frames, with luxe accessories such as a Brooks titanium-rail honey-leather saddle, matching leather grips, and German-made 2″ cream colored tires. These bikes are as fast as they are lovely, designed to be quick, responsive and smooth in all conditions of urban riding. All models are made to order and can be customized to the rider preference.

MAR.11: GT SENSOR 3.0 XC .While Mountain Biking isn’t quite the rage it was a few years ago, for those enthusiasts who still enjoy the sport and or those who would like to get into it, there are a slew of amazing bikes on the market. GT has always been a favorite of mine, and the SENSOR 3.0 XC Full Suspension has everything you would want in a reasonably priced full suspension trail-riding bike. GT’s signature suspension platform makes for a plush ride in the saddle but still has great power transfer when climbing both in and out of the seat.

MAR.10: HERMES. The ultimate chic ride is the Hermes bicycle. The frame is lacquered stainless steel. The  handles and saddle are Taurillon Clemence leather and all are trimmed in classic Hermes orange. Other features are front and back lighting and a very posh mud flap and spoke protector. Surprisingly the $4,650 pricetag seems fairly reasonable given the cost of everything else at Hermes.

MAR.9: CANNONDALE BADGIRL.  Just from the name alone you know this has to be a pretty cool bike. Designed for the aggressive urban rider, this bike is a showcase of speedy technology and edgy style that makes a statement wherever you ride. There are three models available, ranging from about $800 to $1800, depending on how bad you really want to be.

MAR.8: INDEPENDENT FABRICATION. What you see above is a 2007 Independent Fabrication concept Pursuit Track Bike, which next to the Keith Haring Cinelli track bike, has to be one of the coolest bikes I have ever seen! Indy Fab makes the most beautiful high-end custom bicycles and this Pursuit Bike is just one example of how they push the limits of their craft. Their road, commuter, mountain and cyclocross bikes reflect the same level of unique design and exceptional performance.

MAR.7: CERVELO P SERIES. Cervélo Triathlon/Time trial bicycles have won more pro races than any other, and are by far the most popular bicycles at Ironman and for triathletes of all levels. The P series, from the entry level P2 to the coveted state-of-the art P5, delivers unrivaled aerodynamics, speed and handling. All are available at Sids Bikes in NYC, and other high-end bicycle retailers.

MAR.6: DAHON FOLDING BIKE. Bike commuting has become an incredibly popular and eco-friendly way to get around. What easier way to go than with a folding bike that eliminates the worries and hassles of locking and storage. With over 25 years of experience in making folding bikes, Dahon has a proven record of bringing the best in folding bike technology to the market and their website makes it easy to find the right bike for you.

MAR.5: SPECIALIZED S-WORKS VENGE. The Venge is the top of the line road bike series from Specialized. Ranging from $14,000 to $3,700, the Venge series is for serious competitors willing to trade cash for speed. Available in stealth black and hot red, this bike is a true object of desire. 

MAR.4: RIVENDELL BICYLE WORKS. Rivendell Bicycles are truly works of art and a very bespoke bicycle company for those in the know. No detail is left unrefined, and every component can be customized to the savvy cyclist’s preference. 

MAR.3: SCHWINN CRUISER. More than a bicycle, the Schwinn Cruiser is a true icon of American design. First created by Schwinn in the 1930’s, the Cruiser had its heyday in the 1950’s, and has enjoyed resurgent popularity ever since. The Hornet, Corvette and Panther are just a few of the original styles still in production, along with a whole new line of old school mens and womens models. Click HERE for a fun look at some vintage Schwinn Cruisers.

MAR.2: TREK PROJECT ONE. When you are purchasing a top of the line performance road or triathlon bicycle, why settle for just any color or style when you can create your very own custom ride with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Available on the MADONE, DOMAINE, or SPEED CONCEPT models, with a multitude of colors and graphics to choose, you design it and Trek will build it. Check out my dream bike with hot rod flames!

MAR.1: LINUS BIKES. Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50’s and 60’s, Linus bicycles have the beauty and elegant design of those eras but with all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability.