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Working out at home with gyms closed, you need to have some training gear. Many of us don’t have a lot of extra room — nor do we want to buy big or expensive pieces of equipment during this shelter-at-home period. Here are a few multi-functional, space-saving essentials to power up any home workout!


ROW 1: NO KA’OI TRIANGLE LOGO MAT $212. For yoga and other floor workouts, you need an exercise mat. We love these bright ones from No Ka’Oi that come in an array of vibrant colors. With the perfect cushioned base for yoga and other floor routines, this no-slip, textured mat rolls up for easy stashing and portability.

NIKE FREE METCON 3 $120. We could all use a little inspiration, and a new pair of shoes will get you pumped for that workout! The Nike Free Metcon 3 combines flexibility with stability for support and speed from weight lifting to agility drills.

ROW 2: TANGRAM SMARTROPE ROOKIE $39.95. New from Tangram comes the Rookie – designed to be lighter, easier to use, and even more fun. LED-embedded, it displays your workout data in mid-air, and has a freely adjustable rope length for both children and adults. The Rookie syncs to your smartphone to automatically record exercise data like jump counts, calories, duration, and goal achievement.

ADJUSTABLE KETTLEBELL $68.99-109.99. If you don’t want to buy a whole set of weights, adjustable kettlebells and dumbbells are a great solution. The kettlebell shown above is from Titan Fitness and adjusts from 10-40 lbs. Unfortunately that model is sold out at present, but check out this adjustable kettlebell and other options at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

MEDICINE BALL $19.99-44.99. A medicine ball makes any workout more fun! Throw it, twist it, slam it – it targets the core, but as an all-around functional training tool, works the entire body too.

ROW 3: FITNESS GEAR® RESISTANCE TUBE KIT $49.99. No room for weights? Anything you can do with a dumbbell, you can do with a resistance band and they stash down to nothing. The Fitness Gear® Resistance Tube Kit comes with 3 resistance tubes, adjustable from 10-60 lbs. of resistance, for overall power, strength, and flexibility.

BLACKBURN TECH MAG 1 MAGNETIC BIKE TRAINER now $100. Do what this editor has done and turn your outdoor bike, into an indoor bike! For cold and rainy days when you can’t get outside, simply attach your rear wheel to this indoor trainer and go! It folds down for easy storage, and is a far less expensive and space-saving option, compared to a Peloton (you can still use the app) or other indoor bike.

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