Hi-Tech Goggle Spex


Take a glance into the future with the newest trend in snow goggles. Google glasses may soon be taking over the streets, but goggle vision has taken over the slopes. For all you backcountry skiers and snowboarders who venture into uncharted territory, and for those who stay in bounds but enjoy a cool gadget, hi-tech snow goggles with GPS tracking are the ultimate accessory. Without having to pull off a glove or open a pocket, altitude, temperature, speed, distance, location, time and a host of other digital data are revealed before your eyes with in-lens displays that transform your goggles into ocular dashboards. Check out the three top models leading the way in goggle vision.


Shown above, the Zeal Z3 Live GPS-enabled goggles display performance-based information like speed, distance, altitude, location, time, temperature and jump stats at a glance with non-obtrusive heads-up graphics. Bluetooth enabled with Smartphone connectivity, these goggles also display caller ID and text messages. In addition to its high tech features, these goggles are designed with an airflow ventilation system that brings cool outside air in and moves warm air out to help prevent fogging. Triple-density foam molds to the face for a secure fit and wicks away moisture. A spherical anti-glare polarized lens provides wide peripheral vision, and is available with photochromatic technology that automatically changes the lens from dark to light in varying weather conditions. Price $599



The Oakley Airwave 1.5 combines the superior goggle technology for which Oakley is recognized, with GPS technology that measures speed and vertical feet; analyzes jump height, distance and airtime; pinpoints location on a resort map or in the backcountry; and provides a host of other information. Smartphone connectivity shows incoming calls and text messages. Oakley’s innovative prism technology and semi-flush lens geometry ensure wide peripheral vision and provide an unobtrusive display with crisp graphics that give the perception of a 14-inch screen five feet away so that refocusing the eye for distance is not necessary. Price $649.99


Again, GPS and Bluetooth heads-up display technology are integrated into the Smith I/O Recon, and as with the other goggles, speed, jump analytics, altitude, temperature, location, run counter, buddy tracking, text messages and caller ID and more are displayed before your eyes. In addition to the tech features, the goggles are Smith helmet-compatible. The easy switch lenses offer wide peripheral vision and superior anti-fog protection, while plush 3-layer face foam ensures a tight seal, manages moisture and maximizes comfort. Price $650