Fit For Any Occasion



We love when a new sport or fitness product hits the market, as remarkable for its style as its functionality. As we reported back in March in Tracking Devices, there are some very beautifully designed fitness and activity trackers currently available, like the Nike Fuel Band, Fitbit, and Jawbone. The recent addition to the genre however, SHINE from Misfit, has got to be the most gorgeous motion detector we have seen thus far. Slick black brushed aluminum, interchangeable on a clasp, sport band, leather band, or necklace, this is an elegant objet wearable for any occasion… and yes, it tells time too.

Designed to monitor your every move, whether in motion or at rest, fitness trackers are great motivators. They encourage you to set physical goals for yourself each day, attainable through a wide range of activities, which can then be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device. With Shine the syncing is done as artfully as the monitoring, both in process and graphics. The iPhone app provides a circular outline, on which the Shine is placed and radiating circles indicate the syncing is in process. The information is automatically downloaded onto the phone and from there stats, goals, trends and insights are presented with refined graphics.

If you have been looking for some fitness motivation, Shine is designed to inspire and is reasonably priced as well at $119.95.