E-asy Riders



Forget the car and driver… the electric bicyle has become the ultimate way to get around town. From luxury fashion designers like Saint Laurent, to automotive and motorcycle brands like BMW and Harley-Davison, a deluxe fleet of e-bikes has hit the streets — tailor made for the stylish commuter.



The Saint Laurent SUPER73-S2 combines American motorcycle culture with the refined aesthetics of the French fashion house. Produced in collaboration with Super73, it is rugged as it is chic: crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy; with a battery pack designed like a fuel tank; and a cafe racer style seat. This Saint Laurent limited edition is distinguished by its all-black matte finish and logo on the frame, tires, and seat. Other features include a rear-hub mounted 250 watt DC motor with 2000 watts of peak power; 4 levels of pedal assist; a 10-Speed Rear Derailleur; and fully adjustable air spring suspension fork to max out your ride at speeds up to 28 mph.



Who would imagine the original Easy Rider, Harley-Davison, would be making an e-bike — and one as refined as the Rush/Cty Step-Thru! This premium e-bike from Serial 1 by Harley-Davison has an elegant step-thru frame that offers ease and comfort getting on and off the bike, and while standing at a stop. While the Rush/Cty Speed maxes out at 28mph, the Step-Thru goes up to 20mph with electronically controlled shifting that automatically adjusts with terrain and speed changes. Other features include 4 ride modes; 30-90 miles range; maintenance-free Gates™ carbon-fiber belt drive; powerful integrated and removable 529Wh lithium-ion battery; and storage compartment in downtube.


PROLOG $4500

1986 Tour de France winner Greg LeMond has a long history in the bicycle business, stemming from a passion to make biking accessible to all. LeMond Bicycles disruptive carbon fiber technology has led to the creation of some of the sleekest and most lightweight e-bikes in the market. Unparalleled versatility is at the core of the LeMond Prolog, weighing in at 26 pounds, with a relaxed racing geometry for easy handling and maneuverability. All controls, battery, head and tail lights are integrated into the frame. The Prolog offers 3 levels of pedal assist; a top speed of 20 mph and range of 45 miles; 250 watt rear hub motor; and 11-speed Shimano drivetrain.



Nothing could be more convenient than the extremely portable Brompton Electric that folds down to a third of its size. The bike features a removable battery stowed in its own bag for easy portage, with an integrated USB port to charge your phone on the go. Available in 2 or 6-speed models, the Brompton Electric offers three levels of pedal assist, and smart sensor technology that knows when to kick in. With its 250w hub motor, the Brompton Electric powers your ride up to 15 mph, over a 25-50 mile range, up hills and through city streets.


Trek Allant+ electric bikes are made to push the boundaries on every ride, from fast commutes to long cruises, with hill-flattening boost and distance-shrinking range. Every Allant+ has a large capacity 625Wh or 500Wh Bosch battery to go far worry free. The top of the line carbon fiber Allant+ 9.9S is the pricier option at $6349.99, but the Allant+ 8S matches in performance. Its powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor assists up to 28 mph; extra long lasting battery has an 80 mile range; and 10-speed Shimano drivetrain lets you customize the assist. Your phone is at the controls with the COBI.Bike app.



If you’ve always wanted a BMW, or perhaps you already drive one, now is your chance to ride one too! BMW offers a full range of bicycles, including 2 e-bikes, both with five levels of assist and a 10-speed Deore/Shimano XT Derailleur. The pricier BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike rings in at $3260 and comes with a larger battery pack. It is not as sleek and sexy as the BMW Urban Hybrid E-Bike, with a 300 Wh battery and rear hub motor integrated into its minimal design. BMW is known for its Ultimate Driving Experience — and wants to be the Ultimate Riding Experience too!