Big Wheel for Big Kids



Many of you will remember the Big Wheel, the coveted colorful chopper style bike of the 70’s, and the thunderous roar those plastic wheels made speeding down the pavement. For those nostalgic for the toys of their youth, there is now the High Roller, an adult size Big Wheel.

Designed by a former aerospace engineer, this grown-up model features a heavy duty steel frame and fork built to support over 275 lbs, a 26 inch front wheel and custom freewheel hub for high speed coasting, and extra wide rubber front tire for superior traction. The rear wheels, however, are still plastic for those iconic sound effects and famous power slides! The High Roller adjustable seat accommodates riders from 5’2″ to 6’6″ and is generously padded with 4″ of foam.

For those who loved the Big Wheel as kid, the High Roller is guaranteed to put that same smile on your face!

bigwheel_smallBIG WHEEL