Bamboo For Performance



How many of us have wondered about the strange odor emanating from our bodies during an intense workout that we can’t imagine having produced ourselves! Polypropylene and other polyester based performance fabrics are derived from petroleum, and while great for breathability and wicking, they are also noted for their aroma when soaking up the sweat.

We recently received samples of the new line of athletic wear called tasc Performance, which is fabricated from bamboo fibers. Soft, stretchy and lightweight, after a couple of sweaty spin classes we can attest this line is truly odor free as well. Their Bamboo Performance Technology ™ combines fibers derived from bamboo with a patent-pending fabric finishing process that enhances the performance characteristics which naturally exist in bamboo. The bamboo fibers are ring spun with organic cotton or merino wool fibers to produce a soft, smooth and durable performance fabric ideal for running, yoga, spinning, winter sports or any other active endeavor of choice… and with no unwanted accompanying scents!