The Calendar of Triathlon



MAY has arrived and with it brought a new STYLE OF SPORT CALENDAR. The theme this month is TRIATHLON. While May is actually National Bike Month, we were ahead of the curve and featured bicycles on our March Calendar of Bicycles. With summer coming, we wanted to feature lots of outdoor sports, so get ready for 31 days of all the hottest Swim/Bike/Run gear, apparel, and accessories for you seasoned competitors and those new to the sport.


MAY 31: FELT BICYCLES DA1Here we are at the last day of the month and with so many incredible triathlon bikes to feature, we wanted to put one more in the spotlight. Comparable to Specialized’s top of the line S-Works Shiv and priced at a meager $10,329, the sleek and sexy DA1 from Felt Bicycles clocks in at the world’s fastest time trial bike and weapon of choice for the best triathletes on the international circuit. The focus at Felt is on optimizing rider position to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, comfort being a key factor in the equation. The frame is constructed from UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber and optimized for Shimano Di2 11 Speed electronic shifting. The result is a race machine that is proven to be fast and responsive when the competition requires the best.

MAY 30: 2XU COMPRESSION CALF GUARDS. 2XU makes an extensive array of compression apparel and accessories very popular with triathletes and endurance athletes. These tight-fitting lycra garments are designed to support the muscles to reduce fatigue and injury. They increase oxygen flow to the muscles for improved training, faster recovery and stronger performance. The calf muscles are particularly prone to strain with the 3 sports of triathlon, and the 2XU Compression Calf Guards are a nice option in the warm summer months. They provide 50 SPF sun protection, plus they can be worn under a wetsuit making transition times faster.

MAY 29: KINETIC BY KURT ROCK AND ROLL TRAINER. Most triathletes and cyclists use an indoor trainer during those months when the weather prevents outdoor cycling. Some athletes use them regardless as great way to train on the bike in a controlled environment. The Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Trainer takes the indoor cycling workout to a new level as the only trainer produced that mimics the natural side to side movement of the bike when cycling outdoors. Kinetic is recognized as one of the leading makers of indoor trainers and guarantees the construction and technology of their products with a lifetime guarantee.

MAY 28: ZOGGS PREDATOR FLEX REACTOR PHOTOCHROMATIC GOGGLES. There are lots of great open water swim goggles on the market, but these photochromatic goggles from Zoggs have to be one of the coolest options out there, with lenses that automatically adjust for changing light conditions. The flexible frame provides a secure, comfortable and leak-free fit, while the Curved Lens Technology allows a distortion-free, full 180 degree field of vision.

MAY 27: CLIF SHOT BLOKS. Newest to the line of Clif Shot products are the very tasty Clif Shot Bloks, each one providing 33 calories worth of organic carbohydrate and electrolyte fuel, critical during long training rides and runs. The Bloks come in an assortment of flavors so delicious you might be tempted to eat them even when you’re not in training!

MAY 26: PEARL IZUMI TRI FLY IV CARBON SHOES. A triathlon specific cycling shoe is an important accessory for any triathlete looking to speed up their performance. We featured the high-end S-Works Trivent back on May 6, geared toward the elite level triathlete. The Pearl Izumi Tri Fly IV Carbon is an excellent shoe for all levels, and reasonably priced as well. It is extremely lightweight with a ventilated mesh upper and fully lined for sockless comfort. It features the large heel loop critical for triathletes for easy pull-on in the T1 swim to bike transition. The stiff carbon Power Plate optimizes the transfer of power into the pedal stroke and the concave shaping provides great overall support.

MAY 25: FUELBELT. For long distance training runs, continuous hydration is essential on the road and the FuelBelt is the best way to keep water and your preferred electrolyte beverages handy. The FuelBelt is available with 2-4 bottles, an integrated gear pouch, and is now in a variety of fun summer colors!

MAY 24: ISM ADAMO SADDLES. Adamos are considered the most comfortable performance bike saddles. The patented ISM design has eliminated the nose of the traditional saddle, which tends to force too much weight onto sensitive soft tissue, and directs the pressure onto the more supportive sit bones. The are a number of different models, designed for different kinds of competition and levels of riders. The Attack is the newest road racing saddle, just voted “Best In Class” by Triathlete Magazine, but The Breakaway and Podium are also very popular. The Saddle Selector on the ISM website, helps narrow down which saddle is best for you.

MAY 23: ADIDAS TRAINING SANDALS. You’ll be stylin’ round the pool deck this summer, before and after laps, in the hot collection of training slides from Adidas for both men and women. These no-slip flip-flops and sandals will pamper your feet with the super cushy Fitfoam® of the Chilwyanda and massage nubs of the Adissage. All come in a fantastic array of fun summer colors!

MAY 22: ZIPP 404 FIRECREST CARBON CLINCHERS. Despite a number of excellent competitors, Zipp has dominated the aero wheel market for many years and the 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers are a new milestone in race wheel design. Their revolutionary rim shape is not only incredibly aerodynamic and light, but has resulted in handling more stable than any other Zipp wheel. In addition, a wider brake track allows more air in the tires for a silky smooth ride. The unmatched combination of superior aerodynamics, ride quality, strength and handling make these wheels the ones to beat.

MAY 21: CASTELLI ROSSO CORSA CLASSIC GLOVES. Chic Italian style and technical performance come together in this classic glove. Reticulated gel-padded palms, breathable mesh back and an anatomically designed shaped provide great comfort and protection. The smooth interior finish, slip-on wrists and central pull tab make them easy to put on and take off. The microsuede wipe panel on the thumb is another appreciated feature, especially out there on the road.

MAY 20: TIFOSI OPTICS FOTOTEC/HIGH SPEED RED. While interchangeable lenses are a great option, even better are photochromatic lenses that adjust automatically to changing light conditions, much more convenient during the course of a long run or ride. Tifosi Fototec lenses with variable tint technology transition from light to dark very fast and provide 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. The “High Speed Red” option is ideal for triathletes as it sharpens contrast, highlighting details the road ahead. The TEMPT is a small-medium frame, ideal for women, but still offers good coverage. Made of Grilamid TR-90, characterized by an extremely high bending strength, these sunglasses have adjustable hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable and no-slip fit.

MAY 19: NEOPRENE SWIM CAP. While regular swimcaps are fine for training, there is a distinct mental and physical advantage to a neoprene cap in competition. The extra insulation, protection and buoyancy, in addition to the intimidation factor, provide an edge in the openwater swim. Brands like Nineteen, BlueSeventy, Zoot and DeSoto all make excellent caps with comfortable, flexible and snug fits.




MAY 18: HAMMER PERPETUEN. Recommended by Luis Vieira, owner of the well established Toga Bikes in NYC, the favorite bike shop of many local triathletes, Hammer Perpetuen is serious endurance fuel for serious athletes. Proven effective in the world’s toughest endurance races, Perpetuem’s unique formula of complex carbohydrates, GMO-free soy protein and healthy fats is designed for multi-hour training and events. It provides consistent energy, maximizes stored fat utilization, and buffers lactic acid to prevent muscle fatigue. On the road or trail, Perpetuem is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions!

May 17: SPEEDO REVERSIBLE “FLIPTURN”. Get two suits in one with this reversible training tank from Speedo. “Extreme Back” straps offer maximum freedom of movement and minimum tan lines. The suit is available in variety of solid and pattern combos.

MAY 16: GIANT CONTROL TOWER PRO PUMP. Zero to 100 in just a few seconds, and we’re not talking MPH but PSI (tire pressure). This massive but sleek shop quality pump is very sturdy, with an extra long barrel which pumps a lot of air fast! Made from anodized aluminum, it utilizes a barrel-in-barrel design making it very durable. The gauge is clear and easy to read and the head is easily adjustable for both Presta and Schrader valves. This pump is cool, you might not want to hide it in the gear closet!

MAY 15: NIKE PRO CORE II COMPRESSION SHORTS. Show off those athlete’s legs with these two toned 2.5″ compression short shorts from Nike. Available in a range of fun summer colors, these compression shorts have a fit that stays put, while providing extra support to hip, glute, and thigh muscles.

MAY 14: SPECIALIZED S-WORKS AMIRA. Ridden by some of the most successful professional women’s cycling teams in the world, and my good friend Lucy Danziger, Editor-In-Chief of SELF magazine, competitive triathlete and Ironman finisher, the S-Works Amira is one of the lightest and fastest women’s bikes on the road. Lucy trains on this bike with her team in NYC’s Central Park and on local Route 9w, and swears it helps her keeps pace with riders half her age! Featuring an all-new FACT 11R carbon frame with women’s-tuned geometry, tapered head tube, internal cable routing, plus Pro Tour-proven Shimano Dura-Ace components, and Roval Rapide CLX 40 carbon clincher wheels, this is one thoroughbred of a bike. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

MAY 13: ARENA VORTEX EVOLUTION HAND PADDLES. Like swim fins, hand paddles are another great training tool for improving technique, form and strength. There are many to choose from — large, small, flat, contoured — and shape and size are often a matter of personal preference. These very rad looking Arena Vortex Evolution paddles offer many features that make them one of the more popular paddles. The broad blade mimics the shape of the hand to provide a more natural feel the the water, while still providing the resistance of a flatter paddle. The holes allow water to channel through helping to maintain stroke fluidity and easing the shoulder strain that sometimes results when swimming with a paddle. Adjustable tubing straps on the hand, wrist and finger provide a secure and comfortable fit.

MAY 12: NEW BALANCE RC 1600. Rated “Best In Class” in the 2013 Triathlete Buyers Guide, the New Balance RC 1600 are some fast lightweight racing flats.  Weighing in at just 5.8 oz, these shoes still have the mid-sole cushioning needed for the long runs. A snug fit around the entire foot and virtually seamless upper makes running even sockless extremely comfortable. This is a great race day running shoe, with the durability and support for training runs as well.

MAY 11: HEADSWEATS VISOR. I personally love a visor in the summer, both for sun protection and style, for running, paddling, tennis or just reading on the beach. Visors are very popular with triathletes as well, and the Headsweats brand dominate the triathlon racing scene. Distinguished by their elastic headband that provide a snug and comfortable fit, these supremely wicking CoolMax®  visors are breathable, flexible and lightweight, to keep you cool on those hot summer runs. Plus they’re washable too! Headsweats visors can also be customized with any team or brand logo. Check out this Newton Running model.

MAY 10: PROFILE DESIGN AEROBARS. If you don’t own a triathlon specific bike, aerobars will quickly transform your road bike into one. Aerobars are designed to keep your body in an aerodynamic and comfortable position for the long fast flat ride typical of triathlons, and if you are going to be a competitive triathlete are a must. Profile Design are the market leaders and the Official Aerobar of the Ironman® Triathlon. The style and shape are a matter of personal preference, but the Profile Design T1+ Viper are a popular choice. These lightweight carbon fiber adjustable aerobars offer multi-position ergonomic ski bend extensions for the equally comfortable hand positions of upright or flat. They are now available in chic pearlescent white too!

MAY 9: NUUN HYDRATION TABLETS. Run, Bike, Swim… no matter what endurance sport in which you are participating, NUUN Hydration Tablets are an essential part of your nutritional supplementation, particularly in the hot summer months. These electrolyte enhanced drink tablets dissolve in water and are designed to keep you optimally hydrated anytime and anyplace. Nuun’s special formulation of electrolytes helps increase the amount of water absorbed into the blood stream to reduce cramping and keep energy from bonking. I swear by these myself and have used them throughout my marathon and half-marathon training and races. Portable in convenient tubes, the tablets are now available in 14 flavors including Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Tea, Tri-Berry, Watermelon, and Grape.

MAY 8: TYR HURRICANE COLLECTION WETSUITS. Regardless of water temperature, a wetsuit is an essential part of triathlon gear on race day for a faster and more comfortable swim. As we approach the summer months, a sleeveless wetsuit is a great option. From the elite level Category 5 to the more affordable Category 1, TYR makes some some of the best on the market. The top of the line C5 features the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS rubber on the outside for unsurpassed buoyancy in the water, and soft stretchy rubber jersey on the inside for a superior fit and feel. The 360-Degree Core Stabilization System ensures optimal body position for preservation of core strength over the course of the swim.  The C1 offers many of the same features as the C5 maximizing performance while minimizing cost. Speed Wrap Paneling throughout the leg, chest, and core helps to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce drag and Quick Release ankle cuffs provide speedy and easy removal during T1.

MAY 7: GARMIN FORERUNNER 910XT. For the serious triathlete in training, the GPS-enabled, water resistant Garmin Forerunner 910XT tracks all the data you could possibly need when you run, cycle and swim. The 910XT uses highly sensitive GPS technology that on land accurately captures time, distance, speed, pace, and in the open-water or pool, measures distance and pool lengths, identifies and tracks strokes. Switch between sport modes with just 1 button press and customize the training displays for each sport. There are a multitude of other fun and useful functions as well such as a Virtual Racer™ that lets you race against your previous best time or challenge other users’ times that have been uploaded to the Garmin Connect™ website. Wireless technology automatically transfers data to your computer.

MAY 6: SPECIALIZED S-WORKS TRIVENT SHOE. The S-Works Trivent is designed for the elite level triathlete looking for the quickest transitions possible. The back of the shoe is hinged, held open by a magnet for speedy foot entry, ideal for the flying mount. The heel closes with a simple flip up and the Boa turn/lace system quickly adjusts the fit. Weighing just under 10 oz each and with a carbon fiber sole for optimal stiffness, this is the ultimate race shoe. In addition, a smooth internal lining provides a comfortable sockless fit, and the open tongue design allows for quick drying and great breathability.

MAY 5: SPORTI TRAINING FINS. A short training fin is an essential part of any competitive swim training. Short fins help maintain proper kicking form throughout a workout, and by adding resistance to the kick, build leg muscle strength. I reviewed the popular Finis Zoomers on my April Calendar, and there are a number of excellent fins on the market. The colorful two-toned Sporti Fins are another favorite, for their fit, comfort and flexibility. A great review can be found of all the top training fins on the Swim Outlet blog.

giro s-works



MAY 4: GIRO AIR ATTACK SHIELD. It’s all about aerodynamics in triathlon, and the sleek design of the Giro Air Attack is a revelation in styling and performance.With an enhanced airflow design, this compact and lightweight helmet slices through air to deliver a hyper-efficient ride. You ride faster just looking at it! For any kind of cycling, this helmet is one of the coolest you can put on your head.

MAY 3: BARRACUDA PREDATOR GOGGLES. Open water swimming is very different than pool swimming and there are specific requirements one needs in a triathlon goggle. Barracuda Triathlon Specific Goggles are considered among some of the best in the industry. A larger goggle is preferable, and the Predator fits comfortably just outside the eye socket. The wide-angle, anti-fog lenses provide an expansive peripheral visual field, critical for monitoring your fellow triathletes in the water. This is great all around goggle for new and experienced triathletes alike. Available in four different colors.

MAY 2: ZOOT SPORTS ULTRA TT 6.0. Zoot Sports is the recognized brand in endurance sports, providing multisport athletes with the most technologically-advanced performance apparel, wetsuits, footwear and accessories. Available for both men and women, the Ultra TT 6.0 continues to be one of their most popular triathlon specific racing shoes. The shoe is lightweight yet cushioned, and for speed in the transition,
the patented Quick-Lace system provides quick shoe entry with a single-handed pull for fit.




MAY 1: CERVELO BICYCLES P3 . Cervelo triathlon bicycles are truly works of art, so beautifully designed you might covet one even if you dont ride. For triathletes looking to take it to the next level, the P3 is the one to ride. Cervélo bikes are fast and have won more pro races than any other.  The P3 is the mid leval of the P series, far more reasonably priced than the top of the line P5, but incorporating many of the same aerodynamics and performance features. The P3 offers the widest range of fit options of the series, providing comfort on long races and speed for sprints.