Tea Totaler



Besides just waking up and calming down, tea is known for its many health benefits. Health food stores have long had aisles dedicated just to tea, with blends that aid digestion, boost the immune system, sooth tension, and support healthy organ function, among many other things.

The Tea Council of the USA reported Americans consumed more than 80 billion servings of tea in 2014 and their interest in the health benefits of tea is growing. So much so, that earlier this month, Teavana, which is owned by Starbucks, launched a new line of seven wellness teas. Each loose-leaf blend has a wellness theme with a unique mix of tealeaves, fruits and botanicals.

Rejuvenate is a morning tea and contains a mix of black tea and yerba mate with hints of cinnamon and cardamom. The Rejuvenate blend is the highest in caffeine content, meant to invigorate and inspire you for the day ahead. Defense is a low-caff white tea blend with tangs of blackberry and contains 50% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. Purify, another white tea with hints of jasmine and orange petals, promotes hydration and healthy skin. Rev Up is a bold blend of black tea, green tea, and high quality Chinese oolong with hints of peach, apricot and mango made to support a healthy metabolism. Recover is a detoxifying green and mint tea that also contains 50% of the daily dose of Vitamin C. Comfort is a mix of spearmint and peppermint with hints of ginger, lemon and rooibos meant to sooth and uplift. Serenity, an evening tea, is a calming blend of chamomile, orange and rose.

Each tea blend offers a unique flavor that promotes an important component of wellness. The teas cost $12.50 each for 2 ounces of loose leaf tea. They are now available at 350 of Teavana’s retail stores and online at Teavana.com

-Kristen Leen