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Whether riding indoors or out, every cyclist needs a shoe that matches their skill level and time spent on the bike. These shoes should be as stylish as any others you would put on your feet, especially as there are so many beautifully designed cycling shoes on the market. One may think for spinning you don’t need a performance cycling shoe, but an indoor cyclist actually puts as much pressure on their feet in a 45-minute class as a 3 hour outdoor ride. The same features a competitive cyclist would look for in a road shoe are just as important for the avid spinner.

Assuming you ride with some frequency, you want a shoe that is going to be comfortable, fit well and of course, look great! The difference between a high priced shoe and a less expensive one is the fabric used in the upper, the material used on the sole, and the buckle system. Brands fit differently… some narrow, some wide, and all offer high and low priced options. Here are 10 chic cycling shoes for both men and women, every budget and every level, ready to go the distance.

LESS EXPENSIVE (left from top)

GIRO TRANS E70 $200. Giro makes some of the most stylish bike gear on the market with the performance to match. The Trans™ E70 features a perforated upper that conforms to the foot, and the acclaimed SuperNatural Fit footbed with adjustable arch support for optimal comfort and pedaling efficiency. Combined with the Easton EC70™ carbon composite outsole, replaceable heel pads, and ratcheting buckle closure, this shoe offers a lot of performance for the price.

DIADORA SPEEDRACER 2 $234.99. Engineered and developed for the pros, the Speedracer 2 features an ultra-thin, but very rigid full carbon/fiberglass sole for efficient power transfer. Innovative features like the Power Flow ventilation system, V-Fit adjust strap and ergonomic insole deliver the highest level of performance.

SHIMANO SH-R088 $119.95. The Shimano SH-R088 road shoes are perfect for indoor fitness and outdoor recreational riders. A lightweight, fiberglass reinforced sole provides pedal power while the stretch-resistant upper enhances stability. Air intake/exhaust system offers continuous ventilation, Dynalast promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke, and dual offset straps with micro-adjust ratchet give a snug, pressure-free fit.
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