The SOS Quick Summer Shape-Up



Located on West 14th st. in Manhattan is Body Space Fitness, a mini-training camp for the urban athlete. The gym is laid out like a football field with 65 ft. of astro turf, and filled with NFL style training equipment and other sports conditioning apparatus. Weight sleds, power ropes, TRX suspension trainers, agility ladders, kettle bells and more are all used as part of the functional training that is at the core of owner and coach, Kelvin Gary’s fitness philosophy. Functional training is designed to simulate everyday movements performed at home, work or sports with multi-muscle, full body exercises that build strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and help prevent injury.  Says Kelvin, “I believe in training the body to work and workout the way it was designed. Resistance training should be performed with as much lower and upper body integration as possible.”

With June just a couple of weeks away, we asked Kelvin to design a quick “Body Baring Workout” to get you ready for the hot months of short shorts, swimsuits, little dresses and tank tops to come. It’s a 3-part workout, 15 moves in total, broken down into phases of 5 moves each. We debuted phase 1 four weeks ago, followed by phase 2, and now have phase 3 for you below, which introduces a band into the workout. Each phase should be performed once a week for a 3 x per week workout, 2-3 sets of each exercise, 10-12 reps of each, performed circuit style or consecutively.

For optimum results, Kelvin recommends combining these moves with cardio, which can be done in 1 short 15 minute interval training session or 30 minutes of continuous movement. For those of you opting for intervals, start with a 2 minute warm-up, followed by 1 minute on, 1 minute off. This can be walk-run, run-sprint, flat-hill or other variations of your preferred cardio. Read More