The ElliptiGO



The ElliptiGO is an outdoor elliptical bicycle, designed to mimic the motion of running while on two wheels. I had been seeing these bikes here and there, and was curious to check one out, although I was unsure whether this was a gimicky hybrid cycling apparatus or a serious piece of fitness equipment. Once my good friend and former pro Volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece, told me she had an ElliptiGO, I figured it was legit and had to give it a try.

I just had the opportunity to take one out for a test ride in New York City’s Central Park and am on board. I had a great workout riding the 6.2 mile lap of flats, uphills and downhills and had a blast at the same time. Propelled by long elliptical strides, the ElliptiGO provides a fun and low-impact way to exercise outside, which beats a cardio machine at the gym any day. For the same reason that I am such a fan of Stand Up Paddleboarding, the upright stance forces you to use your core muscles and the height of the vantage point provides an enjoyable vista as well.

In a test commissioned by the company, researchers found that riding an ElliptiGO burns 33% more calories than riding a regular bike, while delivering a cardiovascular workout comparable to running. Besides the quads, the glutes and hamstrings are actively engaged, and as Gabby pointed out, the hips are getting a good stretch at the same time.

The company has been targeting the ElliptiGO to runners, both injured and healthy, as way to train and experience benefits of running outdoors without any of the negative results from the impact of the sport. The ElliptiGO has become a cross-training tool for many runners, and promotional videos feature testimonials from such pros as ultra marathoner, Dean Karnases, andĀ former world champion distance runner, Mary Decker Slaney, toting the ElliptiGO as a way to increase increase milage through cross-training, get back into running after injury, and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of running without the pounding of the sport. My experience is this is fun and effective aerobic training for any fitness enthusiast looking to add something new to their workout routine.

TheĀ ElliptiGO is available in three different models ranging from the most basic 3 speed model, priced at $1799, to the 11-speed sleek carbon fiber model, priced at $3499. They’re not cheap, so you know they’re pretty serious. For more information and to take one for a test ride, go to ELLIPTIGO.COM.