Low In Pro, Goggles To Go


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The new face of ski and snowboard goggles is slim and trim, with rimless, low profile and barely there frames. Most feature quick and easy lens switch systems that can be swapped as fast as the light changes… some without even removing your gloves. This generation of goggles offers wide and unobstructed peripheral vision with clear views left, right, up and down, designed to stay that way with unrivaled anti-fogging and scratch resistant protection. From stealth back to neon orange to shimmery metallics, all these goggles are available in a multitude of color combinations to match any skier or snowboarders slope style. The season is only just getting started. Check out our 8 hot picks for the snowy days ahead!

ROW 1: OAKLEY CANOPY SNOW $200. The expanded lenses and low-profile frame of the Oakley Canopy maximizes peripheral and downward vision. The O-Flow Arch technology gives support across nasal zone to optimize breathability, and for extra comfort, the face foam is a triple layer with moisture-wicking fleece. Plutonite lens material filters out 100% of all UV, with the addition of F3 anti-fog coating for optimal vision and protection. Shown in stealth black above, the Canopy is available in an endless array of color combinations. DRAGON ALLIANCE NFXS $160. A slightly smaller frame than the patented NFX, the frameless design of the NFXs allows for maximum peripheral vision. It features a super quick lens changing system, triple layer face foam, and Dragon’s exclusive Super Anti-Fog coating. Also available in a wide array of lens options and strap combinations.

ROW 2: SCOTT LCG $185. With its patented quick changing lens system, the Scott LCG offers lens interchangeability so easy it is not even necessary to remove gloves to swap lenses. Its thin ergonomic molded lens case is barely noticeable in jacket pocket. SCOTT Fit System Technology allows adjustments of the lower face flange with a 4mm range of motion in 4 directions that allows the wearer to create a custom goggle seal and face fit. SMITH I/OX $175. Equipped with an extra large spherical lens for extreme peripheral vision, the I/OX features a patented Vaporator Lens Technology with 5X Anti-Fog technology; Quick Release Lens System for easy interchangeability; and 3-Layer DriWix Face Foam for comfort.

ROW 3: POC RETINA BIG NXT $210. This super-sized goggle has an expansive field of vision and a double optical grade lens that features some of the best anti-fog and anti-scratch protection around. The frame is designed to conform to different face shapes and maintains its flexibility regardless of cold temperatures. Triple layer face foam and fleece ensures an ultra comfortable fit. The goggle is also available in the smaller sized RETINA $140. VON ZIPPER EL KABONG $190. With its frameless ergonomic design and Presto Change-O lens system, this dual layered, spherical, anti-fog goggle offers 100% UV Protection, maximum peripheral vision and Polar Fleece lined, triple density face foam. Shown above in gold, chrome and white, it is also available in a host of other statement making color combinations.

ROW 4: SPY DOOM $184.95. Slim and trim in these sophisticated bronze and silver hues, the Spy Doom features a fingerprint free, push, pop and lock quick-change lens system; anti-fog and anti-scratch protection; and triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture wicking Dri-Force™ fleece. A free mirrored bonus lens is included. ANON M2 $239.95. From the Magna tech collection, M2 integrates 16 self-aligning magnets into the carrier liner, each with a pull force of 2.75 lbs, for one of the most advanced quick changing lens systems on the market.

Check out these fully loaded hi-tech goggles too with GPS tracking, altitude, temperature, speed, distance, location, time and a host of other digital data: GOGGLE VISION