Rapid Fire Relief



From professional athletes to celebrities to everyday fitness enthusiasts like you and I, the secret weapon in everyone’s training arsenal these days is the TheraGun. Utilizing high frequency percussive massage, the TheraGun is a handheld, battery operated, professional grade, vibration therapy tool designed to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve mobility, and enhance performance.

Designed by Dr. Jason Wersland, D.C., a chiropractor and the founder/inventor of TheraGun, this power drill like tool uses vibration therapy to provide high frequency percussion massage to targeted areas. According to Wersland, vibration therapy works on the nervous system, in addition to the muscular system, to reset the body’s response to pain and immobility from overuse or an injury. It literally shakes it all back into place.

Vibration therapy is one of the most natural therapuetic techniques, and in fact, dates back to the ancient Greeks who promoted vibration therapy to heal bruising, increase joint mobility, and slow arthritis. Practitioners created vibration by placing a long piece of wood over the affected area. Using the patients body as a stabilizer, they would saw the extended portion of wood and the vibration of this motion would be transferred to the affected area.


Studies on chronic pain have shown that the body’s response is based on a hierarchy system in the brain. Pain sends the information that something is not right. Introducing a vibration sensation at a frequency higher than that pain can produce analgesic effects, because the nervous system is programmed to pay attention to the higher frequency stimulus over the pain stimulus. The exact frequency of chronic pain is still being studied, but the TheraGun vibration runs at approximately 35-40 Hz, compared to chronic pain which is much less, and actually overrides the pain signals.

When it comes to performance, take a look at the sidelines of an NBA, NFL, or MLB game and you’ll see athletes like Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics, Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals, and Yasiel Puig of the L.A. Dodgers, to name just a few, vibrating away. The TheraGun has become a staple of professional athletes and team locker rooms, for use during workouts and competition. The vibration therapy of the TheraGun has been scientifically proven to enhance performance by increasing the blood flow to muscles, bringing with that the glycogen used for fuel and energy.

So to train, play, and perform like a pro TheraGun is your surefire tool get and keep you in the game! The TheraGun is designed to be used by professional PT practitioners or on one’s own, with multiple grips and adjustable angles, and comes with 4 AmpBIT attachments of varying shapes and sizes to access to any muscle group.

For more info and to purchase your TheraGun, go to TheraGun.com.