Have Your Cake & Ride It Too



As bicycle commuting has become increasingly popular, perhaps the hottest category in the bike industry is now the e-bike. For those who want to avoid a sweaty push up a hill before arriving at an important meeting, e-bikes offer riders a boost of propulsion when they need it. With a small integrated motor that uses a rechargeable battery to assist the riders own pedal power, there is no noise or fuel emissions.

This eco-friendly technology has evolved off road as well into mountain bikes, and now into KALK, an electric high-performance off-road motorcycle. Designed for exploration and discovery, the KALK allows riders to travel as far as 50 miles, and as fast as 50 miles per hour, with the single charge of its battery. Emitting zero fuel emissions, lightweight and silent, the KALK encourages off road riding with responsibility and respect. 


The KALK is a product of CAKE, a Swedish-based company founded Stefan Ytterborn, the man behind POC Sports. Manufacturers of eyewear, helmets, and apparel for cycling and snow sports obsessively featured on STYLE of SPORT, POC gear is recognized for both its design and safety. With CAKE, Ytterborn followed his personal mission to improve the environment, and founded a company whose goal is a zero emission society. Besides its notable and groundbreaking design, the KALK is the first model of clean high-performing off-road motorbikes that are defining a new category of outdoor adventure.

Strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, KALK’s design takes into account those sports’ geometry, suspension, components, and handling. KALK has no gears and requires no clutching. It weighs just under 150 pounds, compared to the 250 pounds of a typical off-road motorcycle. With three different riding modes, the KALK invites anybody, no matter their experience, age, or gender to experience its excitement and fun!

The KALK costs $14,000. It is now available now for pre-order on ridecake.com