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Surround yourself in calm, cozy, comfort from head to toe, with simple pleasures to soothe body and soul. Aromatherapy, infrared heat, muscle massage, deep meditation, a relaxing soak… restorative wellness treatments that can be experienced in the comfort of home.


LEFT COMUMN: AESOP PTOLEMY AROMATIQUE CANDLE $110. Bring the soothing scents of nature indoors with this aromatic candle, reminiscent of an ancient forest of Cedar and Cypress, with notes of Vetiver. Beautiful ceramic vessel is engraved with meditative quote.

FEAT BLANKETBLEND JOGGERS $98. The absolute softest joggers are these BlanketBlend from Feat! Ridiculously cozy and warm, Feat also makes matching sweatshirts and shorts, all of which are available in a wide range of colors.

BRAINTAP $647. With the combination of light, sound, and guided audio, the BrainTap headset uses extraordinary technology to create an effortless state of restfulness, rejuvenation, and tranquility via brainwave training. There are five types of brainwaves, each uniquely affected by different types of meditation to alter our state of mind. The BrainTap headset delivers gentle pulses of light from its visor, with synchronized high frequency sounds — binaural beats and isochronic tones — to affect those brainwave frequencies and guide the mind from awake and reactionary, to intuitive and creative, to a heightened consciousness and focus. With a library of more than 400 audio programs, BrainTap allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance — accessible without the headset as well on the BrainTap app.

CENTER COLUMN: HYPERICE HYPERVOLT 2 PRO $399. Their most powerful percussion therapy gun yet, the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro now has five variable speeds to help muscles relax and recover faster. Train like a pro with guided warm-up and recovery routines from top athletes and automatic speed adjustment with the Bluetooth connected Hyperice App.

COSTA BRAZIL DAL DE BANHO $125. Soak and soothe in Costa Brazil hydrating Epsom and Mineral Sea Salts. Detoxifying Brazilian White Clay, Breu Branco, and vitamin C-infused Camu Camu nourish skin. Antioxidant-rich CBA, a natural proprietary blend of Copaiba and Passion Fruit Seed Oils, is rich in cannabinoids to relax body and mind.

MELACH 33 LUXE CBD BODY BUTTER $74. Melach 33 Luxe CBD Body Butter combines CBD, Dead Sea Minerals, and luxurious plant oils for a soothing body butter cream that nourishes skin, relaxes muscles, and helps relive pain. Supplemented with 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD, it calms inflammation and eases tension, while a fragrant blend of Dead Sea Minerals, pomegranate seed oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil add powerful antioxidants to hydrate and protect skin.

HIGHERDOSE INFRARED PEMF MAT $995. For those who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of far infrared heat without the intense sweat session, the HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat brings the heat home, along with other powerful healing technologies. Deeply penetrating infrared heat relaxes the body, eases chronic pain, and accelerates recovery, while Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy grounds you in the earth’s magnetic field for a total body reset. PEMF is used by astronauts as a recovery tool, and is even more powerful paired with infrared heat and the 20 lbs. of healing crystals layered inside the mat. Lie down and chill, meditate or read, or intensify your yoga practice on the mat.

RIGHT COLUMN: MOON JUICE ASHWAGANDHA ROOT EXTRACT $38. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen and superfood clinically shown to help reduce stress, regulate cortisol levels, and enhance focus. Nature’s Xanax, ashwagandha is super calming and relaxing. Moon Juice 15:1 full-spectrum organic ashwagandha is extract-only, more potent and better tasting, and can be added to coffee, smoothies, or other beverages.

MOU TWO STRIPES SHEEPSKIN SLIPPERS $135. Slip on these deliciously soft and fluffy sheepskin slippers for instant cozy comfort and relaxation. Handcrafted with a deep soft upper in genuine and double-face sheepskin, practical EVA and rubber outsole offers durability too. Available in a wide assortment of colors.

VITRUVI MOVE DIFFUSER $179. This cordless ultrasonic essential oil diffuser moves with you from room to room, to scent every corner of your house. Breathe, Retreat, Nightcap, Sleep… Vitruvi essential oils and blends transform your mood and home with the power of aromatherapy, for the vibe you want from sunrise to sunset.

FOUR SIGMATIC MUSHROOM CACAO WITH REISHI $20 (10 servings). Four Sigmatic blends and coffees use the power of adaptogenic mushrooms to enhance your days and nights. This evening treat of organic cacao plus Reishi is delicious, nutritious, and slightly decadent. It helps you leave the stress of the day behind for better sleep at night.