Back in January we ran a monthlong fitness feature, “The 31 Days of Fitness”, taking a different class everyday and sampling all the workout options available a la carte. Our goal was to showcase the plethora of boutique fitness studios offering specialty spinning, yoga, bootcamp, pilates, boxing, rowing classes and more, on a pay-per-class basis. ClassPass unites them all into one monthly gym membership with access to the most popular boutique fitness studios — many of which we included in our 31 Days. Barry’s Bootcamp, Flywheel, AKT In Motion, Aerospace, CityRow, Exhale, Physique 57, Flex Studios, and Mile High Run Club are just a few of the hundreds of participating studios.

The average price of a class at the most popular boutique fitness studios is around $30 depending on the package purchased. If you are working out regularly, say even the prescribed minimum of 3 x per week, this can cost as much in a week as a month at a gym. A ClassPass membership runs from $79 – $99 per month depending on the city. Members have unlimited access to all participating studios, but are limited to taking 3 classes at the same studio each month. ClassPass is available in 31 U.S. cities as well as London, Toronto, and Vancouver, and users book their class reservations through the ClassPass app.

With summer on the horizon, Spring Training is now in session. It’s time to shed those winter coats… and coatings. ClassPass offers a huge variety of great workout options all for one affordable price. No more excuses!