Earlier this year, Adidas launched the Energy Boost, a lightweight running shoe with a sole constructed of tiny microcapsules fused together to provide great cushioning and responsiveness. The Boost foam is temperature-resistant, keeping the spring in your step regardless of weather conditions. I’ve been running in them all summer and loving them. Thus, I was intrigued to check out Adidas’s newest running shoe, the Springblade.

Upon first glance, there is no doubt the Adidas Springblade is a revolutionary design. Instead of a traditional midsole, the sole features 16 forward-angled blades positioned to propel the runner forward. Looking very much like miniature versions of those high-tech carbon fiber running prosthetics, each blade is individually tuned in geometry and position to accommodate the entire phase of the running stride. One’s discerning nature might question whether this is a bit of a gimmick, but after taking them for a spin, I have to say the shoes provided a cushioned and responsive ride, delivering on their promise of maximum spring and energy return.

The shoe is optimally suited for more of a heel striker than a forefoot runner, making them a nice choice for the recreational runner whose gait tends to be more the former and those looking for a more cushioned ride.

I am more of a purist, personally preferring a more traditional looking shoe for running and will be sticking with my Boosts for now. For those looking to make more of a fashion statement on the road however, the Springblade offers excellent performance along with its attention grabbing high-tech design.